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GIO Schoolboy Cup

GIO Schoolboys Cup

In an Australian sporting first, Rugby League’s commitment to ensuring a life balance between education and sport has been extended to the GIO Schoolboy Cup with a ‘No Study No Play’ policy.

Since 2008, the NRL has emphasised the importance of welfare and education programs for young players, including the ‘No Work No Study No Play’ policy and the appointment of player welfare and career officers in every NRL Club for the Under 20s Holden Cup.

The policy requires an 80 per cent school attendance record for all players during the competition year.

“The NRL recognises the importance of our players’ career opportunities both on and off the field and our CareerWise program helps young players to make good school, study and work choices,” said NRL Senior Welfare and Education Manager, Mr Paul Heptonstall.

“Being able to work with our schools to introduce the ‘No Study No Play’ philosophy is a terrific win for both the sport and students.

“The GIO Schoolboy Cup was a natural step in ensuring that the futures of all of our players are given the support and career assistance they deserve.”

The GIO Schoolboy Cup/Trophy Rugby League competition began in 1975 and is now the premier competition in schoolboy Rugby League.

NRL stars including Ryan James, Adam Reynolds, Beau Champion and Ben Te’o are among the recent graduates who won the Peter Sterling Medal as player of the tournament, joining an honour role that includes champions such as Greg Alexander, Benny Elias, Paul Langmack, Nathan Cayless and, of course, Sterling himself.

“For 38 years the GIO Schoolboys Cup has been an incredibly successful competition showcasing some of the game’s best up and coming talent,” said NRL General Manager for Game Development, Mr Andrew Hill.

“It is a recognised platform for aspiring Rugby League players and continues to grow in strength with support from the NRL and the schools involved.”

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