Long-serving NSW forward Anthony Watmough concedes achanging of the guard is imminent in the Blues ranks, but says the new crop offorwards are already better than he is.

With hooker Robbie Farah recently acknowledging chances arerunning out for some senior Blues to win an Origin series,Watmough said the future of the side is in good hands.

"I've always felt it was the changing of the guard,"he said. "We've been so close for so many years, but it's only one tryhere or there, or a goal or a freakish try by some players who are incrediblytalented that have caused us some heartache.

"It's a different story if things were different and itmight have only been a couple in a row rather than eight. If we keep turning uplike we did and play for one another like we did a couple of weeks ago [in GameI] we'll go a long way to winning that game. We just have to turn up with theright mentality and do our job. If we do our job we'll go a long way to winningthat game."

Watmough said he was in no rush to step aside from therepresentative arena but the decision may be taken out of his hands by the nextgeneration of players.

"As long as you're needed you'll play – I know thisisn't going to last forever," he said.

"I know I was very lucky to get in with the crop ofkids going around this year and I said that last night to a few of the boys. Tosee them play week in and week out how they play, to me they're better playersthan I am.

"I certainly count my lucky stars that I'm here andstill needed. While I'm still needed I'll be here."

He nominated current Blues interchange forward Trent Merrin(24) and injured NSW and Kangaroos back-rower Boyd Cordner (22) as players thatare now ahead of him.

Young back-rowers including Bulldog Josh Jackson (23) andShark Wade Graham (23) have also spent time in Blues camp this year and seemlikely to force their way into the squad in the next year or two.

"There are a cast of thousands coming up through theranks – NSW are in good hands," Watmough said.

"We've been the gatekeepers of the bad times for theBlues, but hopefully we can turn it and have a couple of good years ahead ofus," he added.