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Official View: Inu not held

Bill Harrigan Mon, Sep 19, 2011 - 3:32 PM

The Warriors celebrate after the video referee awards a try in the 78th minute to Krisnan Inu Copyright: NRL Photos

Each week referees co-coaches Stuart Raper and Bill Harrigan answer your most frequently asked questions. This week Harrigan looks at the try awarded to Krisnan Inu bythe video referee.

What did you make of the penalty count in the Wests Tigers v Warriors game on Friday night?

Ihave gone through the game meticulously and after reviewing it on Monday morning, I thought the penalty count could have been higher, withboth teams at fault. This still would have meant a lopsided count against the Warriors. There were definitely a couple of penalties that could have been given against the Wests Tigers; however, I also noted a number of penalties that could have gone against the Warriors were not called.

The penalty count was 4-0 at the 22 minute mark; it could easily have been 7-2 in that same period of time.

Did Ivan Cleary have grounds for his objections to the refereeing in the post match press conference?

Ithink a lot of the comments were said in the heat of the moment, just after full-time. When Ivan has a look at my coach’s report and goes through the game again, he may see things a little differently.

What did you think of Krisnan Inu’s try in the 78th minute?

Thevideo referee got this call right. Krisnan Inu jumps up for the ball, but does not touch it; the ball then comes back to him on the ground. Helunges for the line and is initially short of the tryline, but there isnever a hand placed on him while he is on the ground, so he is entitledto play-on. Inu lunges again and slams the ball on the line - no problem, it is a try. The tackle is never complete because there is no hand on Inu while he is on the ground

Speed of the ruck in Broncos v Dragons – were you happy with it?

Yeswe were. There were a couple of slow play-the-balls  identified and a couple of penalties awarded. The speed of the rucks contributed to a very fast, exciting game.

What did you make of the Hodges tackle on Brett Morris when he was clearly injured? Is there any discretion the referee can use here?

Hedidn’t break any rules: Brett Morris was holding the ball and on the ground and Hodges is well within his rights to make a tackle. Like a lotof people, I thought Hodges could have just walked up and put his hand on him and that would have constituted a tackle; however, what he did was not against the rules of the game.