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Online session


Join Rugby League great Alan Tongue as he hosts an INSPIRE workshop alongside some NRL League Stars sharing some values that are important for their success on and off the field.

Click HERE to view an introduction to the online session from Alan Tongue and Jillaroo Simaima Taufa!

There is close alignment between what children learn in school about health and physical education and what the game of rugby league provides, both on and off the field.

The NRL League Stars INSPIRE – Health & Wellbeing online workshop provides an interactive way of inspiring our Primary School students on the important role resilience, support and gratitude plays on and off the rugby league field.

Students learn about:

  • Healthy practices, behaviours and attitudes.
  • Resilience strategies for dealing with disappointments, set-backs and challenging situations.
  • Safe practices and risks associated with unsafe behaviours, and the benefits arising from establishing a healthy lifestyle.
  • The Importance of having a good support team around you, such as our family, friends, school and sporting clubs.

Students learn to:

  • Evaluate the risks and consequences of different lifestyle choices including ways to respond positively to challenges and failure, such as using self-talk, early help-seeking behaviour’s and optimistic thinking.
  • Use strategies to manage difficult or challenging situations, and act in safe ways.
  • Examine how success through persistence can have positive outcomes to our character.
  • Participate positively in groups and teams by encouraging others and negotiating roles and responsibilities.

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