Road to Resilience

Mental health does not discriminate.

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In Australia, 1-in-2 people are affected by some element of Mental illness, making it Australia's single biggest health issue.

There is currently a stigma around mental illness, especially in Australian sports culture, where as physical injuries are seen as simply part of the game while a mental injury is far different.

However, physical injuries and mental illness are actually very similar.

Both can happen to anyone at any time, even the toughest of men – and both can be managed.

Using the game's profile and voice and by encouraging help seeking behaviours throughout the community, the NRL State of Mind program and Road to Resilience campaign seeks to reduce that stigma and normalise the struggle that many Australians go through.

The Road to Resilience campaign encourages the Rugby League family to join our players, like Michael Morgan on their 21 day resilience journey and show how they can tackle their emotional wellbeing in the same way they tackle their physical health. The program uses a variety of tasks, one per day, to help participants build their self-esteem, learn to self-regulate emotions and develop strong coping skills through empathy, gratitude and mindfulness.

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