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Youi Million Dollar Kick

Congratulations to our Competition winners!

17 Super fans have been selected to participate in the Youi Million Dollar Kick! All participants have been contacted by their supplied email address. The lucky kickers will be:

  • Lee H
  • Josh L
  • Scott B
  • Rodney E H
  • Kevin S
  • Russell J
  • Rick E
  • Kirsty R
  • Mitchell K
  • Sarah K
  • Darren T
  • Chris M
  • Aiden S
  • Chris D
  • Spencer H
  • Jason C
  • Steve T

The NRL is bringing the magic and money to Brisbane with the Youi Million Dollar Kick!

We’re on the hunt for one SuperFan from each club in the NRL Telstra Premiership and a super Youi customer for a chance at 1 Million Dollars. For the successful SuperFan of each club, you will have a chance to kick for 1 Million Dollars at the launch of the inaugural Magic Round in Brisbane – Wednesday 8th May. If you’re successfully chosen as one of the 17 winners, we will cover your travel to participate in this once in a lifetime opportunity.

For your chance at glory, you will need to register your details below between Monday 15th April and Sunday 28th April, with the winners announced on Monday 29th April.

Prize Details

An entrant from each of the 16 NRL teams and 1 Youi customer will be chosen to take part in the fan event for Wednesday 8th May. They will be provided with flights and transport to Brisbane, along with tickets to the Thursday night if they wish to stay on. The mechanic for kick is as follows:

  • Each of the 17 participants selected will be in the running to participate in the Youi Million Dollar Kick through either kicking themselves, or opting for their club ambassador to kick on their behalf (Youi participant is required to kick for themselves)
  • Total of 17 kickers for the million dollars, with only one kick per club being either the Super Fan or Club Ambassador
  • To win the million dollars the kicker must kick a regulation Steeden through the goal posts and land it in a vessel housed on a vertical truss behind the posts, the ball must stay in the vessel to be a winning conversion.

Entry Criteria

To enter the competition to be chosen as your club’s SuperFan, you will need to be an NRL Account holder, complete the form below and “Explain in 25 words or less, what is your Magic Moment from your favourite team?”. Be creative in your answer as the top response from each team’s fan base will be selected and notified.

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