Albert Rosenfeld played alongside Dally Messenger in the Easts rugby union team in 1906, but despite his early promise and combination with Messenger, he languished in club football until the arrival of rugby league in 1907, where he was immediately brought into the NSW team to play Baskerville's ''All Golds''.

Short and thickset, Rosenfeld had great strength, real bounce and was decidedly quick. He was a master of the chip and chase.

He played five-eighth in all three Tests for Australia against the Kiwis in 1908, and made the 1908–09 Kangaroos squad. However, he could break into the Test team only once on tour.

But after catching the eye of keen judges in a match against Huddersfield, he accepted a contract with the English club.

As a winger, he became a key part of Huddersfield's ''Team of All the Talents''.

Rosenfeld played in 14 cup finals, losing only three. The experiences of playing alongside Messenger and then Huddersfield great captain Harold Wagstaff saw Rosenfeld cultivate his intuition, becoming a rare judge of position.

His skill developed to the point that he must now be ranked among the best all-roundcentres and wingers, the game has seen.

Rosenfeld retains the record for the most tries in an English season (80 in 1913–14, beating his record of 78 tries in 1911–12). In 1988, he was one of the original nine footballers inducted in the English Rugby League's Hall of Fame.

Position: Wing/Five-eighth.

Clubs: Eastern Suburbs 1908–09; Huddersfield 1909–21; Wakefield Trinity 1921–23; Bradford Northern 1923–24.

Club landmarks: Won Challenge Cups with Huddersfield 1913, 1915; Won Championships with Huddersfield 1911–1912, 1912–1913, 1914–1915; Scored 366 tries in 287 games for Huddersfield.

Games for NSW: Four (1907–09).

Tests for Australia: Four (1908–09).

Representative landmarks: Kangaroo tour 1908–09.