7. Dan Frawley

Dan Frawley was a superb winger during the first decade of Australian rugby league.

A brilliant runner, he had few peers as a winger on either side of the globe; none of his contemporaries could match him for speed and agility when he was going at his top.

As he sprinted down the wing, he would often lure an opposing fullback into a feeling of confidence that all was well before suddenly turning infield and take off like a hare, leaving the fullback flat-footed.

''It looked so simple but it was perfection and something to remember,'' wrote one league reporter.

Coming through the Easts rugby union grade ranks at the same time as Dally Messenger, the two developed an almost instinctive combination.

Whenever Messenger was close-marked, he would deftly kick the ball downfield to Frawley's side of the field, for the flying winger to pursue.

While he scored many tries from the text-book wingers position, Frawley was not restricted in his methods and could often be seen sidestepping his way through the centre of opposition forward packs.

His seven-match Test career for Australia (six of which were against Great Britain) extended from 1908 to the advent of World War I.

His league career at Easts was briefly interrupted by a stint with Warrington in England, but he was on hand to play his part in the Tricolours premiership wins from 1911 to 1913.

Position: Winger.

Clubs: Eastern Suburbs 1908–15; Warrington 1909–10.

Club landmarks: Won premierships with Easts 1911–13.

Games for NSW: 17 (1908–13)

Tests for Australia: Seven (1909–14).

Representative landmarks: Kangaroo tours 1908–09, 1911–12.