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Bulldogs Praise Ken Stephen Medallist Andrew Ryan The Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs are immensely proud of their captain Andrew Ryan, whose tireless work in the community has seen him tonight named the 2010 winner of the Telstra Ken Stephen Medal. <br><br> The win is in recognition of the time Andrew has spent in the community, over and above his family, football, business and study commitments, during the 2010 season. <br><br> More importantly, this is not the first time Andrew has been nominated which exemplifies what an integral component community work is in his day-to-day life and also how as Captain he provides an incredible example for all players at the Bulldogs ensuring that our values of Responsible, Dedication, Trustworthy, Encourage and Family aren’t just words on a wall. <br><br> Andrew’s list of community involvements is as long as it is diverse. He is the Club’s official Camp Quality ambassador, he fills an ambassadorial role with the Australian Disability Foundation, and played an integral role in beyondblue becoming one of the Bulldogs chosen charities. <br><br> He is a long time supporter of Ronald McDonald House, is a spokesperson for the Children’s Hospital at Westmead’s Bandaged Bear Cup, and was one of the faces of the NSW State Government’s ‘Tackling Violence’ campaign this year. Each year he also helps run the ‘Andrew Ryan Captains Cup’, a junior Rugby League competition held in both Sydney and his home town, Dubbo. <br><br> “I cannot think of a more deserving Ken Stephen Medal winner than Andrew Ryan,” Bulldogs Chief Executive Officer Todd Greenberg said. “He is an example to everyone at the Bulldogs and we are immensely proud of his achievements both on and off the field. <br><br> “Andrew takes his role as a leader extremely seriously. Despite being the father of three young children, running a landscaping business, studying sports marketing at ACPE and being the captain of our NRL team, he always makes time to put back into community causes. <br><br> “He understands the share of voice that professional athletes command, and as such he always aims to set an example through his actions. He sets the tone for the playing group and for the Club as a whole, and he does so without seeking attention or accolades – he does it because it is the right thing to do. <br><br> “He is so giving of his time that we often only find out after the fact when he’s made a difference to someone. The amount of letters, phone calls and emails we receive from people praising Andrew for taking the time to pay someone a visit, write them a letter or make a phone call is simply staggering. <br><br> “That speaks most to who Andrew is and why he goes to such lengths to make a difference in the community. His only goal is to put smiles on people’s faces and to brighten their days as much as possible. <br><br> “As a Club we are convinced that we are only aware of a small percentage of what he does for community causes. Andrew simply believes what he does is part of his role as having the privilege of being the Bulldogs Captain, of being an NRL player, of being a good husband and father, of being a good son and brother and being a good friend.” <br><br> Andrew Ryan’s nomination for the Ken Stephen Medal came about after the following parameters were measured and assessed across the Bulldogs full time squad: <br><br> - The number of community events attended and the total hours; <br> - Their integration and involvement when at community events; <br> - Their understanding of the importance of community work; <br> - Number of NRL games played; <br> - Their future goals in regards to the community; <br> - Undertaking additional community work outside of their extensive Bulldogs in the community commitments. <br><br> In 2010 Andrew Ryan obtained a result of 94% or 526 points out of a possible 560. <br><br> “The main reason I like to get out into the community is to lead by example within the Club,” 2010 Ken Stephen Medallist Andrew Ryan said. “But I also to try and change any of those people’s lives, even if it is by half a percent, anything that makes a difference and puts a smile on their face.” <br><br> <b>Friends and teammates pay tribute to Ken Stephen Medalist Andrew Ryan:</b> <br><br> <b>Luke Patten:</b> “Andrew Ryan is the best bloke in Rugby League. There is nothing more to be said – he just deserves this so much.” <br><br> <b>Michael Ennis:</b> “When I think of Andrew Ryan, I naturally think of him as our Captain and what a good leader he is. But there is a lot more to Andrew Ryan than that. Being in his company over the past eighteen months I’ve certainly learnt how well he conducts himself off the field and the time he spends in the community.” <br><br> <b>Brett Kimmorley:</b> “He is a wonderful ambassador for our game and as a leader at the Bulldogs, whenever there is a charity event or promotion, Bobcat is well and truly behind it and encourages all the players to get involved.” <br><br> <b>Bryson Goodwin:</b> “He is a great leader and the Captain of our Club, not just on the field but off it too. He is the first person to come to us all and get the boys involved, he will do anything to help out the kids.” <br><br> <b>Michael Hodgson:</b> “There is no doubt in my mind why Bobcat would be up for the Ken Stephen Medal, he is always avid in the community, going to hospitals, doing coaching clinics or just trying to make a kids day.” <br><br> <b>Josh Morris:</b> “Bobcat is not only a good leader on the field and at training, he gives 110 per cent every time, but he puts just as much effort in behind the scenes here at the Bulldogs. Bobcat is always the first to get us all involved, whilst his work with Camp Quality has been enormous and I am sure that is appreciated by a lot of the families he touches.” <br><br> <b>Bulldogs CEO Todd Greenberg:</b> “We are all aware of Andrew’s selfless contribution to the Bulldogs in the Community program and we are privileged to have him as our Club Captain.” <br><br> <b>Camp Quality CEO Simon Rountree:</b> “The Chinese have a valued saying called ‘Yeo’ which means the positive vibration and effects that occur long after a positive action has taken place. With this in mind Andrew Ryan is undoubtedly the ‘Yeo’ man of Camp Quality. During our partnership with the Bulldogs Andrew has personally got to know our organisation, our children and their families. His actions are selfless, optimistic and instill confidence with those he meets. He has made a difference to both our organisation and the people we support through a humble and genuine care for another human being.”