The South Sydney Rabbitohs would like to clarify the current situation with Greg Inglis’ NRL contract that has been reported in today’s Daily Telegraph.<br> <br> The situation has not changed since the Rabbitohs announced that Inglis had agreed to terms with the Club on 12 November.<br> <br> The Rabbitohs are following the normal procedures of signing a player to an NRL contract and lodging that contract with the NRL for registration.<br> <br> A short form contract was lodged with the NRL on Monday 15 November. Within 20 business days of this contract being lodged, the Rabbitohs are required by the Rules to lodge a full NRL playing contract. The Club will be lodging this contract within the next 24 hours.<br> <br> Following the lodgment of the full NRL playing contract, NRL Salary Cup Auditor Ian Schubert will review the contract in accordance with Rules.<br> <br> In the meantime, the Club continues to work constructively with the Melbourne Storm towards gaining a release for Inglis from his existing contract.<br> <br> The Rabbitohs hope to have a favourable resolution to this situation within the next seven days.