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The National Rugby League Chairmen and Chief Executives have today agreed that week one finals hosted by Sydney teams should be moved from ’home venues’ to either the Sydney Football Stadium or ANZ Stadium.

The decision brings week one venue allocations with the current ‘home city’ system that applies in week two of the Finals.

Clubs supported the move at the NRL Annual Conference on the basis that fans would know at the start of each season where they could expect to be playing should they make the finals.

“A big part of the growth in membership in the game has been the need for members to be assured of the chance to get the best seats at the big games at the end of each year,” NRL Chief Executive Mr David Gallop said today.

“The commitment we have made to them all along is that we will not move matches at the last minute and this move allows them to buy their membership packages knowing what to expect.

“Importantly, the move will allow ‘away’ team members greater opportunity and will be able to better accommodate those clubs that have memberships spread across multiple venues.”

Today’s conference examined the length of future NRL seasons, the future of Origin, representative football and ways to generate new revenues within match broadcasts.

The NRL has enlisted a number of sub committees to consider more detail around the concepts to refer to a future Commission.

“The CEO’s have already been part of key sub-committees that have made significant enhancements to the structure of the NRL draw, to Collective Bargaining and to the Under 20’s and they have shown they can play a valuable role in policy development,” Mr Gallop said.

“Proposals today ranged from lengthening the season significantly to reducing it.

“There was a lot of focus on the impact of Origin and representative matches in the years ahead and on the future location of teams.

“If the game was to expand to eighteen teams at some time in the future there would be strong support for adopting a conference style draw.

“There was a strong message though that the profitability of the existing clubs needed to be ensured before expansion and that new teams had to be linked to new revenue.”