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“The Knights Board has given serious consideration to the Tinkler Group's previous approaches and written offer. The written offer (subsequently withdrawn) was considered to be insufficient on a number of fronts – including the scale of consideration for the 100% ownership being claimed. <br><br> "To date however, there has been no furtherance of discussions specifically on structure or an alternative offer, but rather there has been general contact pending arranging further meeting times. To that extent the Tinkler Group has asked for certain NKL information. <br><br> "In consideration of our response and upon satisfying that request, we anticipate further negotiations/discussions will be carried out in due course, with a view to extracting an improved offer on behalf of our membership. <br><br> "In the event that a new offer was - in the Board's opinion - sufficiently improved, we would then be in a position to take that offer to the Knights Membership for consideration. <br><br> "A disappointing aspect of discussions to date is the very public avenue being taken, an aspect which appears to be a desired route of the Tinkler Group. It is not an avenue that the Board of the Knights would consider a prudent path to take in this commercial matter. <br><br> "However, notwithstanding the approach adopted by the Tinkler Group, we are prepared to progress discussions in order to achieve the best outcome for our Club on behalf of the membership."