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<p>NRL chief executive David Gallop says he is open to the idea of a consortium handling the next round of TV rights, but admits there could be drawbacks.</p> <p>With the League's current rights agreement with Channel 9 and Foxtel expiring at the end of 2012, Gallop would consider a similar arrangement to the AFL, which is broadcast by Channel 7, Channel 10 and Foxtel.</p> <p>"We're open to that but not necessarily committed to that. Exclusivity and having one network being the rugby league network has worked for us in the past," Gallop said on <i>BigPond Sports Weekend</i>.</p> <p>"During the club competition you can talk about state of origin coming up but if we split it up we are in danger of losing that. So we're going to have to look at the value [and] we are going to have to look at the continuity of promotion of the product."</p> <p>Gallop refused to put a figure on how much money the League could reap out of the next rights agreement but said it could be substantial.</p> <p>"You've got to be careful saying we are aiming for X. It's a bit like selling your house. You can't put a whole lot of numbers in a computer and it will spit out a number you are definitely going to get," he said.</p> <p>"The day you sell your house you go along to the auction and you just hope that you've got people there who bid your price up."</p> <p>Gallop said the jostling for position by the broadcasters meant that the competition could be well set up for a big windfall.</p> <p>"I like the level of competition that I feel is out there at the moment. People have recognised rugby league is something they want on their network. I think that is going to set us up for a nice little bidding war," he said.</p> <p>"If you add in New Zealand, we obviously gain a nice slice of revenue out of New Zealand as well. We don't have a specific target in mind but I really believe we are going to do a great deal. I think the game is set up to do that.</p> <p>"The interest from the broadcasters already is clear. We are running a quality competition and it is a compelling TV product."</p>