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An open letter from the Newcastle Knights chairman, Rob Tew regarding the re-signing of Chris Houston to the club.

On behalf of the Board of the Newcastle Knights, I am delighted to welcome Chris Houston back into our fold and I trust that our members and general supporters will also welcome Chris back.

In early 2010, upon being charged with a number of offences - Chris made a decision to resign from his position and relinquish claims to his contractual arrangements in order to facilitate a number of important situations including:

* To avoid continued media enquiry with respect to his and his family name and its repute,
* To minimise and/or remove adverse media focus upon the Newcastle Knights,
* Not to cause any distraction to his teammates and their pursuit of the 2010 season objectives,
* To enable a focused and forthright defence to the charges pending,

The above are in no discernable order and I am sure there were other contributing factors to his decision at the time as well.

In the lead up to his being charged by police in early 2010, Chris had been identified as a leader within our Club and a long term leader within the playing group.

I know Chris’s character to be one of a decent, forthright, humble, determined and honest young man who had been – to the time of his being charged - a significant contributor to our Club’s purposes, both on and off the playing field.

He will be a major contributor to our Club and community once more.

On many occasions privately as well as on at least two previous occasions publically I have enunciated a desire to seek to re-employ Chris in the event that he was found not guilty of all charges or indeed had no case to answer. As it has transpired – I am pleased for Chris and his family at the outcome.

It is our Club's desire and indeed it is my personal desire that this young man has the opportunity to re-engage his life and his sporting career. Further, that his life can return to some normality and balance and that we at the Knights are an integral part of a complete re-engagement.

There are not many greater rewards than those that come from assisting another to regain confidence and direction in their life.

I believe that responsibility and loyalty – both personal and organisational - has been extended in the correct balance in this matter and continues to be so.

Rob Tew