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The NRL has today accepted a five-point plan that will see Todd Carney fined $10,000 and has warned the Sydney Roosters five-eighth that his future playing career in the NRL is again in serious jeopardy.

As well as ensuring the payment of the fine, the NRL will require the Roosters to report against their management plan which includes mandatory counseling, career education, a traffic-offenders course and work with alcohol support groups.

While accepting the positive steps Carney has undertaken over the last one and a half seasons, the fact remains that Todd has already been suspended from the game once by the NRL and that a further period of deregistration now has to hang over his future.

“In this instance there is an inadvertent rather than deliberate element to his actions last Saturday morning but, nevertheless, Todd placed his safety and the safety of others at risk,” NRL Chief Executive, Mr David Gallop, said today.

“The courts will take their own view on that matter but there is also no escaping the poor record that Todd must deal with during his time in the game.

“Todd has to understand that the next suspension he faces for off-field misconduct and in particular alcohol abuse will go far beyond one or two matches, both for his benefit and for the benefit of the game.

“There are many people who have worked to see him get another chance at rebuilding his career and for the most part he has responded

“It is now very much up to Todd to determine whether this is a stumble along the way or a complete loss of direction.

“If it is the latter than he has to understand that there is simply no place in the game for him. If it is the former then we will expect both he and the club to demonstrate his adherence to the treatment measures the club has put in place and to the commitments he has made.

“The club will be required to report on his progress to the NRL on a regular basis and Todd faces automatic suspension if he does not meet those commitments.”