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The National Rugby League has sought an urgent report from Wests Tigers to be delivered by midday tomorrow in relation to all events involving Benji Marshall being charged with assault on Saturday morning.

In keeping with established precedent, the NRL will not seek to determine those matters that are in dispute and which need to be determined by the police or the courts.

It will however reserve the right to examine any matters that are clearly established in relation to the NRL Player Code of Conduct.

“We can’t escape the fact that the game does not need to be dealing with an issue such as this at such an important time of year,” Mr Gallop said today.

“The responsibility all players face at this time of year is clear and to some extent the level of responsibility rises with a player’s profile, irrespective of his record.

“Players are not always in the wrong but incidents such as these will always demand close scrutiny by the game and the public.

“In every instance we have given the clubs the first opportunity to investigate and act upon behavioural matters before determining the need for any NRL intervention.

“I have spoken to Wests Tigers and they are aware of the need to address the matter as soon as practical.

“We cannot and should not attempt to replace the court system but we also need to be confident that we are doing all we can to assess the matter.

“Clearly if there are matters that are in dispute then the correct place for this to take part is the court system.

“That has been a well-established practice on our part.”