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The Rugby League Accredited Player Agent Scheme committee has ruled that agent Sam Ayoub is entitled to continue his role as a player agent until a court decision is reached on the charges made against him by police last week.

However, the committee emphasises that it views the charges against My Ayoub very seriously and, if proven, his ongoing accreditation would certainly be brought into question.

In lieu of speculation about the matter the committee met by telephone hook-up yesterday, prior to its scheduled meeting next Thursday.

‘The rules under which the committee operates do confer a power to suspend, or cancel, an agent’s accreditation,” committee chairman Geoff Bellew SC said. “And if an allegation that an accredited agent had obtained a financial advantage by deception were proven, it would obviously be a matter in respect of which the committee would call upon the agent to show cause why some action should not be taken in respect of his or her accreditation.  

“However the allegation against Mr Ayoub, at least at this stage, is just that – an allegation.  Moreover, the committee was informed that Mr Ayoub proposes to defend that allegation by entering a plea of not guilty. 

“As is the case with each and every person who is charged with a criminal offence, Mr Ayoub is entitled to the benefit of a presumption of innocence. It is important, in those circumstances, to respect the legal process and to allow it to take its course. That is what the committee thought was appropriate in this instance.

‘If, after that process is completed, Mr Ayoub is found guilty of any offence, the question of whether he should be called upon to show cause why action should not be taken in respect of his accreditation will obviously be revisited.’