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Ok Dreamers… have you been having sweet dreams or nightmares now we’re two rounds in? Either way you should be preparing to trade this week as this is potentially the most important trade week of the year.

It is the last week before most player values start fluctuating – so after this round’s lockout, your players will have new values. If they go up, you have ‘extra cash’ for trades. If they go down, so do your future trading options.

So even though you have only 30 trades a season and two each week, this is the week to definitely use two if you want to make some easy cash

My must-have player is Sea Eagles No.7 Daly Cherry-Evans (top). He costs just $73,600 – but a 29 and a 49 see him projected to earn as much as $47,800 in value in the first week, with the added bonus of a 39 average. Stay with him for the long haul and he could gain you $185,700 over the season!

This could come in very handy heading into your Dream Team finals.

Here are some other ‘cash cows’ to consider: Mitchell Allgood, Chris Houston, Aaron Woods, Jamie Buhrer, Beau Henry, Shane Shackleton, Aiden Tolman and a handful of others. Get some on board now, accrue some bank, then prepare to trade them for bigger names who drop value early, but will likely get better.

The other side of ‘cash cow’ is Dream Team dud – big-money buys who drop heavily.

If current trends continue you should think about ditching Matt Ballin, who could lose nearly $30,000 after Round 3. Sam Thaiday, Ben Smith, Issac Luke and Scott Prince and many others are now temporary duds.

If you choose to trade a proven DT performer, remember to think long-term. The price for re-signing a star when he ‘bottoms out’ later is simply a trade or two. Doing this wisely is the secret to Dream Team success.