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Former NRL and NSW Origin coach Graham Murray gives a coach's perspective on tactics used during the 2011 NRL Season.

I have to commend Broncos coach Anthony Griffin. He is doing something different to everyone else.

I have said before it is an unwritten policy to always pick your best 17 players; to only leave a player out of your team if he is injured.

So for Griffin leave Queensland Origin stars Darren Lockyer, Ben Hannant and Sam Thaiday out of his team for their game tonight against the Manly Sea Eagles, who are above them on the ladder (same 7-3 win-loss record), is very courageous. In years gone by, all three would be expected to back up from Wednesday's State of Origin series opener.

I can't imagine Neil Henry not picking Johnathan Thurston, or Brian Smith not picking Mitchell Pearce, or Wayne Bennett not picking Mark Gasnier or Jamie Soward to back up this weekend for club football if they are not injured from Wednesday's Origin match. It's a gutsy decision.

I know when I was coaching the Cowboys, it would be fingers crossed that Johnathan Thurston wouldn't get injured in Origin and then I would wait to get the call from him to say he was okay to play. I never thought about not playing him if he was fit to play ... and he always wanted to play.

But the thing is the Broncos have faded in previous seasons after the Origin Series, so Griffin could be on to something. Time will tell.

As the saying goes if you keep doing what you have always done you will get the same result.

I really commend the bloke. Coaching is about managing your men and a player like Darren Lockyer is not young so he needs to be treated differently. Just as in the pre-season some of the older players don't do as much running, or other aspects of the training.

Griffin has obviously put a lot of thought into it, and having some points on the board helps. 

However, since he first did it after the Test for the round nine match against the Storm, the Broncos haven't won a game. Prior to that they had won seven straight.

Griffin is making a real statement that he is his own man. No doubt he has done his homework on it and has some evidence to back it up. I would imagine some players would need convincing.

Darren Lockyer probably wouldn't need it because he has been around long enough and knows his body well enough, but a younger player like Ben Hannant would need convincing.

I saw Hannant on the news yesterday and the report was that he was out there trying really hard at training to prove that he could play against his old team tonight.

I wouldn't be surprised to see him play. He is making enough noise about wanting to.

Players will do that... and if they are knocking down your door and there is nothing wrong with them and medical staff have cleared them, of course you would play them!

For the others, time will tell whether Griffin's new approach to the rep season pays dividends.