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Referees co-coaches Stuart Raper and Bill Harrigan answer your questions from Round 12 – including State of Origin.

State of Origin

Should Queensland's Willie Tonga have been penalised for tackling a player in mid-air?
Yes, there should have been penalty when Josh Dugan was tackled in the air while catching a bomb.

Did Johnathan Thurston strip the ball out of Akuila Uate’s hands, and should he have been penalised?
Yes, Thurston should have penalised for a strip. After looking at it in slow motion it looks as if Thurston drags the ball out after being bumped off by Uate. It should have been called a strip but it was a very tough call to get. After debriefing a very tough game their could have been a couple of instances when NSW should have been penalised as well. In the 28th minute NSW had players break from a scrum early. In the 67th minute, Michael Ennis could have been penalised for dragging Darren Lockyer off a tackled player.

See the Thurston-Uate strip incident in Origin I

We you happy with the speed of the ruck?
The speed of the ruck could have been a bit quicker in the first half, with both teams at fault. But it improved and I’m happy with the ruck speed of the second half.

Will the same referees officiate in Game II?
We pick the referees similar to the teams, in that we will not decide who does the second Origin until selection time.

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NRL focus

Has the crackdown on the basics stopped?
There has been some criticism that our referees haven’t stuck to the guidelines, but I don’t agree with this. Over the weekend we had three scrum penalties, one roll-ball penalty (for not playing the ball with the foot), an incorrect line drop-out and a play-the-ball off the mark penalty. We may miss a couple through the speed of the game but generally this says to me that we are sticking to our guidelines and also that players are adhering to them and being more disciplined in these aspects.

Why were the Titans disallowed a try for obstruction?  Can you explain the process for deciding these?
The decoy runner runs into Pritchard and whether intentional or not, gets tangled with him and trips him over, which stops Pritchard from making an affective tackle on the ball runner. It was a correct decision.

Watch the Titans' disallowed try after the obstruction ruling

What are your thought on the Fuifui Moimoi high tackle that lead to the knights penalty goal?
The Moimoi tackle was a harsh penalty and should not have been given.

Watch the wrongly awarded high tackle penalty