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Referees co-coach Bill Harrigan answers your most frequently asked questions from Round 13.

Why was the decision on Dave Taylor’s try in the South Sydney v Melbourne game on Sunday afternoon not sent upstairs to the video referee? Was it the right decision?

The referee was in a good position and was decisive, which is what we want our referees to be. The ruling was that Dave Taylor was short of the line and then lost the ball. On review, we looked at it frame by frame and we have found that the referee was 100% correct. 

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Taylor loses the ball when he puts it on top of Billy Slater’s foot and then it rolls off to the side and he loses contact with the ball. The ball is short of the line and he loses contact, so it is a knock-on. 

I applaud his decision, it was a tight call and a big call in the context of the match, and he made the right decision.

What do you make of Brian Smith’s comments about the speed of the ruck affecting the amount of tries scored this year?

You can’t rely on the statistics of tries scored as your measure for how good the football has been.

On the weekend you saw a great game between the Dragons and Eels which ended 14-all. There was also a gripping battle between the Rabbitohs and Storm which finished 16-6. Both were great low-scoring games.

When looking at this you have to look at how many games have had blow-out scores and make the comparison that way and ask, 'Which game you would rather watch'?

The amount of tries scored is not an indicator of how good the footy has been; just because we have had 79 less tries this year, does not mean the football has been better or worse. It is unfair to use that statistic to argue one way or the other and you certainly can’t blame the speed of the ruck for this trend.

There are a lot of things that can affect the number of tries scored and even if there are less tries, this by no measure means that the quality of football is down. It is all very subjective, but I thought the game between the Dragons and Eels was a great game of football.

Why was a try not awarded to the Warriors, when Krisnan Inu challenged for the ball?

After reviewing this decision, Inu has knocked-on. He dives on the ball, it hits his hand and then hits the ground before it lands in his lap. It is clearly a knock-on, but the last replay that the video referee and the public saw was not as clear as the other angles, which showed that it was definitely a knock on. The video referee got the decision right.

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