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Referees co-coach Stuart Raper answers your questions from Round 20 of the NRL Telstra Premiership.

In the Manly v Penrith game, why did the video referee rule no-try when Kieran Foran stripped the ball from David Simmons?

There is no doubt that the ball was pulled out of Simmons' hands, and by the way the ball was spinning you can tell that it was pulled towards the opposition goal-line which means it is a knock-on. By looking at the rotation of the ball, it is always travelling towards the Panthers’ goal-line and it was always going to be called a knock-on.

Did you think Sharks winger Nathan Stapleton scored in the corner against Newcastle, when his try was disallowed by the video referee?

We had our meeting with all the video referees today and there was a bit of debate about whether it should have been awarded or whether he dropped the ball. The majority of them said they would probably have gone ‘benefit of the doubt’.

What are your thoughts on the try awarded to Jharal Yow Yeh against Melbourne?

We were happy that the video referee gave this as a ‘benefit of the doubt’ – but on reviewing the play today, we would have preferred that he simply put up 'try'. It is clear to us on review that Yow Yeh gets his hand on the ball while it is on the ground, and while it looked messy, he clearly gets his fingers on the ball and scores the try.

Did you think the pass from Todd Carney to Braith Anasta was forward in the Wests Tigers' clash with the Roosters?

I thought the pass was flat at worse.The touch judge thought it was forward and he was in a good position to make that call. He was in the best position to make a call and he thought it had gone forward from the hands. After the review today we think it probably should have been ‘play-on’.

But I think it is very speculative to say that it cost the Roosters a try. There were plenty of defenders around and they all stopped when the whistle blew. It was 55 metres away from the tryline and everybody had stopped because of the whistle. I’m not saying he wouldn’t have scored, but it is very speculative to assume the call cost them a try.