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David Gallop has this morning apologised for any offence Melbourne Storm fans may have taken over a ‘terrorism’ analogy highlighted in Melbourne media.

Mr Gallop made it clear in interviews on both Sydney and Melbourne Radio this morning that he had in no way had accused Melbourne fans of terrorist behaviour and that it was nonsense to suggest he had linked fans to terrorist behaviour.

Mr Gallop said that he had used an extreme analogy in response to a question and that  it was unfortunate that it had been taken the wrong way.

“I was responding to a question suggesting that what happened on Sunday was ok because it was just a demonstration of passion,” he said.

“I said that passion can’t be used as an excuse for bad behaviour and the timing of the analogy I used to emphasise that certainly could have been better.

“As we all do with analogies you look for a topic on which there can be no debate. It wasn’t intended to create offence.

“I was disappointed in what took place on Sunday, as much as it was to be expected, because the behaviour in no way reflected the outstanding achievements of the club and of those supporters who have made a point of looking forward rather than back.

“It was always our view that the club should be given every opportunity to move forward because it is an important part of Rugby League’s future and because the people who have been a part of re building the club and the fans who have stuck by the club deserve genuine credit.

“Passion is a key part of sport but it can’t be the justification for everything and it shouldn’t be allowed to get in the way of seeing the club’s achievements recognised.

“I wish Melbourne every success in the weeks ahead.”