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The NRL has reaffirmed that it will impose life bans on any persons convicted of ‘match fixing’.

In relation to today’s court decision against player Ryan Tandy, the NRL notes there are a number of other legal matters still to be heard in connection with this investigation. 

Given the time of the season and the imminent nature of those hearings, the NRL will reserve imposing any penalties on any person found guilty of fixing any part of a match until such time as those matters are resolved.

In the meantime, Ryan Tandy is not a registered player with the NRL and no registration would be entertained at this point or until all matters are resolved.

“Clearly there remain some complex legal arguments to be heard and the rights of individuals through that process must be respected,” NRL Chief Executive, Mr David Gallop, said today.

“The outcome for anyone found guilty of interfering with a match for any improper purpose could not be more apparent.

“From the outset, the NRL has involved independent investigators and sought  the assistance of the NSW Police in dealing with betting irregularities around the first scoring option in this match and we remain convinced that was and remains best course of action.

“We welcome the assistance of the authorities in treating these matters seriously and look forward to the conclusion of all proceedings.

“We also welcome Federal and State Governments’ recognition of the importance of giving sports the legislative support and regulatory assistance in dealing with sports betting issues.

“We look forward to seeing these policies finalised across all states.”