This weekend is the second big bye round of the year, and another crucial week for those Dream Teams still in contention for the major prize. Overall leader 'Prestige Worldwide' continues to hang on to top spot but, like most teams, won't be able to field a full 17-man lineup this week.

For those focusing on head-to-head there's still plenty of planning to do, even without a league match-up this week. Is it time to cash out those early-season bargains? Which big guns do you need to get into your team before the Dream Team finals arrive? Have you given your mate enough stick for beating them last week? All important questions.

And don't forget to pick your six-man Origin Dream Team lineup for Game Two, which kicks off next Wednesday.

Now, onto this week's Q&A.

Should I sell Sam Burgess?

You only need to glance at Sam Burgess's Dream Team price chart to see how much of a rollercoaster his season has been. When fit he's a Dream Team superstar but yet another knee injury means he'll be out of action for between a month and six weeks. It's yet another headache for the 39,683 Dream Team coaches who currently have Burgess in their squad.

It's easy to lose patience with Burgess and trade now – but I'd recommend holding on to him if you're focusing on your head-to-head league (which the majority of Dreamers are these days). With rounds 14, 17 and 18 being bye weeks, Burgess will only actually miss two or three head-to-head rounds.  

Only trade now if you: (a) are playing for overall points; (b) desperately need to win your next couple of league match-ups; or (c) don't think he'll stay fit for