Careers at the NRL

Life @ the NRL

At the NRL, everyone is on the same team.

Our values are Courage, Teamwork, Inclusiveness and Excellence and we look for this when we select people to join the NRL.

We want more people playing and more people watching Rugby League.

We care about more than just the games played, we care about the community and the positive impact we can have.

By offering a work environment that utilises technology we’re able to provide a more flexible approach to work.

We’re also are on a journey of improving work-life balance by offering two volunteer days per year to each employee and the opportunity to buy additional annual leave. This enables employees to balance work with other commitments or interests.

We give it our all and will continue to do so well after the final whistle.

Why join the NRL?

As an organisation, we are more than just what you see on the field every weekend. Behind the scenes there is a dedicated and talented group of individuals that come together to form the NRL team.

We offer employees a range of opportunities across a variety of departments. These departments include: Finance, Marketing, Football, Commercial, Digital, Legal, Integrity, People & Culture, Operations, Community, Indigenous, Executive, IT, Media, and Government Relations.

It is an exciting time to be part of the NRL with our digital transformation, focus on increasing participation and many other projects to build our game.  

There are many great reasons to work at the NRL, however none more satisfying than the impact our roles can have on the community. Rugby League has always been about the people.

We are also more focused than ever on being an inclusive work place. We have increased the number of indigenous employees to 5.5% of our work force exceeding our Reconciliation Action Plan – but we want to do more.

We are encouraging our female employees to return from maternity leave by paying them superannuation for their unpaid maternity leave which they would have otherwise received if working. Just one of the initiatives we have to try and address the gender pay gap many Australian women face.

We not only want to be a sport for all but an employer that everyone wants to work for.

What we look for in our Employees

You don’t need to play Rugby League to work for the NRL. We are a diverse group of people with a variety of skillsets that have come together with the common purpose of working with the game’s best interests at heart. We hire talented, passionate people who meet our values of Excellence, Inclusiveness, Courage and Teamwork.

Our Values


  • Valuing the importance of every decision and every action
  • Striving to improve an innovate in everything we do
  • Setting clear goals against which we measure success
  • Inspiring the highest standards in ourselves and others


  • Engaging and empowering everyone to feel welcome in our game
  • Reaching out to new participants and supporters
  • Promoting equality of opportunity in all its forms
  • Respecting and celebrating diversity in culture, gender and social background


  • Standing up for our beliefs and empowering others to do the same
  • Being prepared to make a difference by leading change
  • Putting the game ahead of individual needs
  • Having the strength to make the right decisions, placing fact ahead of emotion


  • Encouraging and supporting others to achieve common goals
  • Committing to a culture of honesty and trust
  • Motivating those around us to challenge themselves
  • Respecting the contribution of every individual

Current Opportunities