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The Voting Process

The selection format for the Dally M Medal utilises 3 points, 2 points and a 1 point voting system. Select judges are appointed by the NRL to each match of every round and tasked with assessing all players competing on-field live.

Judges are required to allocate – via the official Dally M Awards application - their suite of points to three (3) players they deem as being the top performers on-field.

1 point for the third-best player on-field; 2 points for the second-best player on-field and 3 points to the player viewed by the judge as the top performer from the match.

Points allocated for each match and the Dally M Leader board are publicised up until Round 12 of the premiership season. After this, voting goes "behind closed doors", with the anticipation building towards the announcement of the winner during NRL Grand Final Week.

The Dally M Team of the Year recognises the best player in each position across 25 rounds of regular season competition. An "Interchange" category was established in season 2017 acknowledging the importance of impact/utility players in the modern game and their ability to change the momentum of a match.

Consistent with the Dally M Medal, Team of the Year voting occurs after each regular season premiership match.

Players who receive Dally M Medal points will automatically receive 3, 2, 1 for the Dally M Team of the Year in their respective positions (i.e. Hooker; Fullback; Interchange).

Players selected by the judges for the remaining positions each receive 1 Dally M Team of the Year point in their respective on-field position.

Players who are suspended throughout the season are deducted three (3) Dally M Medal points for each week they are out of play.

Any player suspended for two separate offences in any one season immediately becomes ineligible for the Dally M Medal and Team of the Year.

All votes are submitted by the judges after each premiership match. Prior to the submission of votes, judges are provided with the match summary and key individual statistics via the Dally M Awards application to help inform their selection.

Accounting firm Ernst and Young (the NRL's official auditor for awards) and are charged with receiving, collating, organising, managing and safeguarding all votes to ensure the process is robust and the integrity is not compromised in any way. Ernst and Young are tasked with generating a report for the NRL post Round 25.