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The National Rugby League has today altered its advertising around Saturday’s Anzac Day match between the Roosters and the Dragons.<br><br>All planning and promotions in relation to the afternoon had been undertaken in close consultation with the RSL and all advertising had been submitted to the RSL for approval.<br><br>The object of that process and of all NRL planning around this match was to ensure respect for every aspect of Anzac Day including the strong links between sport and the armed services.<br><br>“We very much appreciate the support we received and continue to receive from the RSL in this process and the decision is in no way a criticism of them,” National Rugby League Chief Executive, Mr David Gallop, said today.<br><br>“The object of every promotion is to make people feel good about a special day and if our actions, however well intentioned, have worked against that then we will alter them.<br><br>“The Anzac Day match is not just another day at the football. It is not something to do instead of going to the march. It is a chance for people to come together in a way that allows the game and its fans to add their tribute to those who have who have represented and those who continue to represent Australia in military service.”<br><br>The Acting State President of the NSW RSL, Mr John Haines, said today that he endorsed the manner in which the NRL had worked with the RSL in planning the day:<br><br>“The consultation between the NRL and the RSL could not have been closer, nor could it have been more focused on ensuring that all protocols were respected.<br><br>“The image of large sporting crowds standing together to pay tribute to the Anzacs is a feature of the day itself and the afternoon is an opportunity for returned service personnel to share time with their families after the march.”