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The National Rugby League has today met with the Sydney Roosters in relation to assault charges laid against two players after an incident on Sunday morning.

It has warned that the players will each face sanction if there is sufficient evidence provided in court or elsewhere in the days and weeks ahead as to their behaviour.

The NRL has conducted its own enquiries as well as receiving a report from the Roosters and at this stage, as opposed to other situations this year, it seems that there is considerable dispute over every aspect of the incident.

“If that situation was to change then we would expect the club to take action and we would reserve our right to do so as well,” National Rugby League Chief Executive, Mr David Gallop, said today.

“Importantly, if the assault allegations are proven in court then we would also expect the club would deal with the players strongly and decisively.

“On any view, it is unacceptable that a woman could have been hurt or that people could have failed to notice her predicament and to the extent that we can apologise for what happened on Sunday morning we most certainly apologise to the young woman.

“The Roosters’ approach to alcohol this year appears to have been confused and inconsistent and this is something that Steve Noyce acknowledges needs to be addressed.

“We’ve made it clear today that we believe this is now a critical issue for the club, its players and fans.”