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We've collated your selections! Check out the NSW Blues team for Origin III... as selected by you, the fans!

Can the NSW Blues spoil Queensland's party and prevent an embarrassing Origin whitewash on Maroon soil?

Have they got the players to upset the most successful team in Origin history?

Will the NSW selectors keep their faith in key players like Peter Wallace, Trent Barrett and Robbie Farah? Who will replace Michael Weyman in the engine room?

Has Michael Jennings forced his way back into the Blues team with his stunning three-try exhibition against the Eels on Sunday afternoon?

These are the tough questions facing NSW's under-fire selection panel... and these are the questions we threw to you - the fans - to answer.

Introducing… Backchat.

Backchat is your chance to vent your opinions online for all to read. We'll be opening the floor to the fans with a different topic each week... so stay tuned, gather your thoughts, and get ready to have your voice heard on the most popular rugby league website in the world.

Thank you to the hundreds of fans who submitted their teams... our apologies - we simply couldn't publish all of them!

Find a sample of the best responses below, or click here to see the NSW Blues team for Origin III... as selected by you, the fans!

Garett Kleinschmidt writes:

1. Kurt Gidley - Safer option at fullback then Hayne can provide magic and is way beyond origin jitters, brings experience and kicking ability.
2. Brett Morris - Outstanding player who is fast and his good defence with Cooper inside him he is unstoppable.
3. Michael Jennings - Is incredibly fast who can get on the outside of the best defenders with Hayne on his wing too good.
4. Matt Cooper - Has amazing defence and continues the speed in the backline he has stopped Hodges before and can do it again.
5. Jarryd Hayne - Amazing player who can easily stop an attack even with Israel, but without him Hayne is going to be 10 times more damaging.
6. Trent Barrett - Strong experienced player who can get fast ball out to the right letting Jennings and Hayne use their speed.
7. (C) Brett Kimmorley- The captain and the rock been there before has the experience and never gives up he is made for origin
8. Brett Kite - Strong to get going at the start has done the job before.
9. Robbie Farrah - Great kicker and ball runner finds the gaps kept the hopes alive in Game 1.
10. Justin Poore - Strong defence good metres with the ball was good in the first 2.
11. Nathan Hindmarsh - Wont create as many opportunities as fellow back rowers but is always there to clean up and make the tackles.
12. Ben Creagh - In outstanding form and working down the left with Cooper and Morris it will be hard to stop all the chances created.
13. Glen Stewart - Tough with good ball handling provides opportunities whilst being tough and proven for origin

14. Josh Morris - Used reuniting him with his brother and working with Kimmorley he will be a dangerous utility who is fast and will find the line if you blink
15. Anthony Laffranchi - Tough player who can play a lot of minutes and has been here before and is good on defence.
16. Anthony Whatmough - A player made for origin football he is able to make the big metres and also has the foot work to get across the line.
17. Tom Leoroyd-Lahrs - He is a tough fellow who is a great ball runner he is ready for origin and will be for years to come.

Jarrad Page writes:

1) Ben Hornby (Excellent Player with Origin Experience, Able to read the play very well from fullback and is great under the high ball.)
2) Jarrod Hayne (Need I say more?)
3) Michael Jennings (Great Speed, able to beat players very easily and create opportunities)
4) Matt Cooper (Best Defensive Centre in the game, consistant player with Origin experience)
5) Brett Morris (What more does he need to do to prove himself?)
6) Jamie Soward (Hottest player in the NRL at the moment, best kicking game in the NRL, creates opportunities out of nothing. When will you give him a chance?)
7) Trent Barrett (c) (Played a solid game in a disgraceful effort in game II. Plenty of experience at this level and he knows how to get the Job done)
8) Brent Kite (Would be Weyman but because of injury Kite is the No 8. Solid Player)
9) Robbie Farah (Electric hooker with a good kicking game)
10) Justin Poore (In Great form this year, deserves a shot at Game III)
11) Nathan Hindmarsh (Workhorse! He gets the job done no matter what!)
12) Ben Creagh (Very hard to stop when he takes to the ball to the line. Him and Ben Hornby have a great combination for the Dragons and could be put to use for Game III)
13) Anthony Laffranchi (Good Form this year, deserves a shot)

14) Tom Learoyd-Lahrs (Big Fella who knows how to run straight and hard)
15) Luke Bailey (if injured Trent Waterhouse) (Solid Player with good Origin experience and good Leadership qualities)
16) Craig Wing (Explosive when he comes on late in the game from dummy half)
17) Anthony Tupou (Utility Player who is really hard to stop at the line, Attacking weapon)

The NSW selectors are absolutely terrible. They all need to go and be replaced by people who have an idea of what they are doing. We will not win a game unless we have a good halves combination. Jamie Soward and Trent Barrett are our key to winning Game III. The reason QLD are so good is because most of their team plays for either the Broncos or Melbourne whereas our team consists of a few players from each club.
The Dragons and the Bulldogs are on top of the ladder and have been most of the year. We need more players picked for Origin out of those sides. If the same team is picked just as it was for Games I and II we will get done 3-0.

Roger Bolt writes:

1. Kurt Gidley - Need a calming and influential player at the back, that goes all game.
2. Joel Monaghan - Height factor, required to compete for and against the high ball
3. Matt Cooper - Purely based on defence, but can attack when required
4. Jamie Lyon - Same as above
5. Jarryd Hayne - As the X-Factor, and can play different positions shall it be required
6. Trent Barrett - Experience, and can steer a team around the park
7. Brett Kimmorley - Same as above.
8. Josh Perry - Need a go to forward, will keep running
9. Robbie Farah - Skilful player, need that from your dummy half
10. Brent Kite - Size factor, will takecharges from the kick off and at the advantage line
11. Nathan Hindmarsh - Experience, workaholic, 80minute player, with 80 minutes of defence
12. Trent Waterhouse - Has played before, has off loaded skills and can be dangerous in the 20metres
13. Luke O'Donnell - Best NSW forward going. Doesn't take a backward step, whether it is running or tackling
14. Craig Wing - Great utility value, can cover several positions, and is very creative.
15. Anthony Watmough - very dangerous runner of the ball. Will suit the halves by having him there
16. Anthony Laffranchi - Clever ball skills, height factor and can cover second row or prop.
17. Justin Poore - Will work well with the other too front rowers, keep the momentum going
18. Michael Weyman - Would be pick if not for injuries at the present time

Liam Tobin writes:

Being a Queenslander it pains me to do this but I believe the side below would really present trouble for the red-hot Queensland team.
1. Luke Patten - Consistently one of the form fullbacks of the competition and would handle origin.
2. Jarryd Hayne - Arguably one of the form players of the comp.
3. Michael Jennings - Speed to match it with QLD backline.
4. Josh Morris - Similar to Jennings with speed to burn, defensively very good as well.
5. Brett Morris - In brilliant form for the Dragons and would do well teaming with his brother.
6. Kurt Gidley - Better suited at five eighth where he can do a lot more damage.
7. Brett Kimmorley - Form halfback of the comp in terms of NSW halfbacks. Combination with Luke Patten and Michael Ennis will come in handy.
8. Brett White - Been in good form for Storm and has played Origin before.
9. Michael Ennis - Just as good as Farah but has the game for Origin footy and would be able to frustrate the Queenslanders.
10. Luke Bailey - If not injured Bailey is one of the form fowards in the competition and equally adept in defence.
11. Ben Creagh - Brilliant edge runner and will cause havoc for QLD defence.
12. Anthony Tupou - An explosive player who is one of the Sharks best. Like Ben Creagh he will cause destruction from close range at the QLD line.
13. Paul Gallen - Similar to Ennis in that he irritates opposition players. Damaging ball runner.

14. Craig Wing - Wing must be the utility option for NSW. Aruguably their best player when he came on in Game I and will be good to use among QLD's tiring fowards late in the game.
15. Trent Waterhouse - Been in the form of his career and deserves a shot.
16. Tom Learoyd-Lahrs - Speculation over his State allegiance but since revealing himself as a New South Welshman it is time for him to play origin. Canberras best foward with a damaging display against the Titans all but sealing a maiden origin berth.
17. Justin Poore - Add some starch to the NSW forward pack. Along with Michael Weyman he has been one of the driving forces behind the Dragons great form in the fowards.

Coach - It is time for NSW to take a page out of Queenslands book and recruit a coach who isnt tied up in the NRL. NSW would be a real threat if Phil Gould or even Tom Raudonikis were to return as coach.

Jason McLaughlin writes:

NSW Blues: J Hayne, D Williams, J Lyon, M Cooper, M Jennings, T Barrett, B Kimmorely (c), B Kite, M Ennis, B White, A Watmough, L O'Donnell (A Ryan, if injured), T Waterhouse. Interchange: J Poore, T Learoyd-Lahrs, G Stewart, K Gidley

Sack the selectors, too many years of tripe. A team picked to win the current series is the ONLY focus.

Steve Folkes should be the coach. He would not be scared to exploit Storm player's weaknesses.

Lance Hamilton writes:

NSW Blues: Hayne, Morris, Jennings, Cooper, Monaghan, Mullen, Kimmorley, Poore, Ennis, Douglas, Hindmarsh, Gallen, Tongue. Interchange: Gidley, Kite, Bailey / White, Watmough

I've picked this team on toughness and thats what you need to win at origin level....

Aaron Green writes:

This team has been chosen not necessarily to win game three but to ensure that QLD do not win 5 series in a row. NSW selectors should be more worried about 5 in a row and selecting a team around that than a 3 nil whitewash.

I think this team has a mix of all the ingredients to be successful given time. Stick with them unless they are injured and give them a go and stop picking favourites. Settle on 1, 6, 7 and 9 and stick with them.

1. Jarryd Hayne - Best NSW player by far this series and should have received M.O.M in S.O.O II in a losing side.
2. Michael Monaghan - Big, strong and fast.
3. Michael Jennings - Is right up there with Hayne and has electrifying speed and he can finish.
4. Matt Cooper - Still an outstanding player and has proved himself time and again at this level.
5. David Williams - Despite a night to forget in game 2 is one of the wingers running around that is eligible for NSW.
6. Jamie Soward - In outstanding form and the best 5/8 running around at the moment.
7. Peter Wallace - Provides stability and with some help will provide a good kicking game and guidance.
8. Brett Kite - Solid enough for the tough stuff straight up.
9. Robbie Farrah - Will better for the run in the first two. He is the long term answer at hooker for NSW.
10. Joel Clinton- Has played rep footy before and is back to near his best.
11. Nathan Hindmarsh - Tackling Machine and tireless workhorse. It's not all about glitz and glamour.
12. Glenn Stewart - Solid.
13. Anthony Laffranchi - Good, tough, mobile.

14. Kurt Gidley - Used correctly he will be unstoppable. Can play anywhere in the backline to cover for injuries
15. Willie Mason - Use correctly he can be his damaging best. Don't use him as a battering ram.
16. Anthony Whatmough - Use an an impact player. Can play 80 minutes if needed through injury although not as effective.
17. Tom Leoroyd-Lahrs - Give him a go ready for next year.

Luke O'Donnell, Luke Bailey would normally be in place but omitted due to injury.

Kelly Jones writes:

NSW Blues: Hayne, J Morris, Cooper, Jennings, B Morris, Soward, Barrett (c), Watmough, Ennis, Ryan, Hindmarsh, Stewart, Creagh.

The combination of Soward and Barrett in the controlling positions... Barrett with the physical strength and experience to allow Soward to put a kicking game together, which was lacking in the first two games. With team mates Matt Cooper and Josh Morris in the centre and wing, along with brother Brett Morris on the other wing, the plays will be well read and come together. The sheer speed of Michael Jennings will allow him to be anywhere near the ball off Sowards kicks.

Barrett's experience and leadership will pull the team together when under the pump, to slow down and use set plays. Ennis's passion for the game will punish any offensive plays any where near him, he can also follow instructions of the ruck and get the ball to the 6 and 7. Hindmarsh and Stewart are constant workers and will push the ball up with every run and protect the defensive line with consistent tackles, along with Ryan.

Creagh's speed will add scope to the number 13 position and almost act like another centre. Note the change of Hayne to fullback and the non-inclusion of Gidley. With Hayne in a reading position and his speed and twinkle toes, he can get the defensive players to work hard to chase. Gidley should never have been captain, he doesn't bring the best out of the players and isn't instructional until it's too late. Get Barrett into the captain role and he will tell em like it is through the whole game.

Sam Riley writes:

1. Jarryd Hayne- In great form- always keeping the defence guessing.
2. Joel Monaghan- Solid winger- need the size and height.
3. Brett Morris- Try scorer, Game breaker.
4. Michael Jennings- Tough and great speed.
5. Josh Morris-Try scorer, Game breaker.
6. Trent Barrett (c)- in good form did well in game 2.
7. Brett Kimorley- Bring in experience and in great form.
8. Justin Poore- Solid in defence and good go forward.
9. Michael ennis- Got Origin mongrel in him, in good form would be great for the team.
10. Brent Kite- Done the job in first two games, very reliable.
11. Nathan Hindmarsh- One of the games best he is never too old, cant leave him out, he has the x- factor.
12. Anthony Watmough- Tough as nails.
13. Trent Waterhouse- Good form, Great going forward.

14. Kurt Gidley- Impact of the bench- utility.
15. Glen Stewart- Bring some spark off the bench.
16. Anthony Laffranchi- Very tough player won't disappoint.
17. Josh Perry- Will Get the job done.

Luke Whiley writes:

As mentioned the side is lacking heart and passion, there needs to be good hard defenders like Alan Tongue....this guy has the whole package.... heart, passion and a big engine and can play various positions.

You can build a team around this bloke, he would have played for QLD long ago.

NSW Blues: Gidley, Monaghan, Jennings, Cooper, Hayne, Campese (deserves another chance), Hornby (experienced origin player, good leader), Kite, Ennis (got more mongrel), Tom Learoyd Lahrs (big and runs straight and hard), Hindmarsh (defensive workhorse), Watmough (good hole runner), Tongue (versatile, tough, great defender and creates opportunities up the middle). Interchage: Wing, Creagh, Poore, Laffranchi.

Rahul Shah writes:

NSW Blues: Hayne, J Morris, Jennings, Cooper, Lawrence, Barrett, Kimmorley, White, Gidley, Poore, Creagh, Hindmarsh, Tongue. Interchange: Wing, Watmough, Tupou, Laffranchi.

Jarryd Hayne at fullback because it will allow him more room to break the line also with kick returns. Been in great form for Parra at fullback

Matt Cooper at Centre has been in amazing form for St George has the defensive skills to contain the Queensland backline. Should have been picked for games I & II.

Trent Barrett & Brett Kimmorley at 6 & 7 - Their experience and leadership will be key in these vital positons.

Kurt Gidley at Hooker is quick around the ruck and slots in for the underperforming at Origin level Farah. Has been relieved of the Captains role and Goal kicking duties, as it seems to all be to much pressure for him.

Nathan Hindmarsh & Alan Tounge - Hindmarsh will bring the experience and his tackling machine status is sure to help NSW. Alan Tounge's toughness will add depth to the locking role and gain greater go forward for the Blues.

Anthony Tupou at Interchange - Can cover both front row and second row and is an elusive runner which can act as another attacking weapon for the Blues.

David from ACT writes:

I love Origin footy, but haven't enjoyed it as much this year due to the smacking we have received by sending in players not ready for Origin footy.

Back in the days when we won a series or two you couldn't get a start in Origin until you were a "Big Game Player" now a couple of months of form gets you the nod.

I would replace Wallace with Brett Kimmorely, keep Trent Barrett, bring in Matt Cooper, Andrew Ryan & Nathan Hindmarsh in the second row and Craig Wing must come off the bench. These would be my changes and would get a win!! The coach would also be on shakey ground.

The selectors need to go. Why does it take them two beltings to be talking of picking the best side? Wasn't it the best side at the end of June?

Adam Voysey writes:

The changes I'd make for the origin 3 side are as follows:

- Ennis at hooker to replace Farah - Farah is probably more skilled as an individual however I feel Ennis is a better team player and will turn up and play just like its another club game - he's in great form.
- Kimmorley at halfback to replace wallace - wallace has been a great player but is not in any form at all at the moment, Kimmorley will lead the side around the field, is experienced and simply at his best and would be a great combination to have with Ennis as they both know each others game.
- Soward at 5/8 to replace Barrett - Soward is in brilliant form and is the best kicker in the game which is definitley an area NSW need focus on - combines with Kimmorley AND Ennis this would be a lethal combination.
- Jennings at inside centre, proved he's in form with 3 tries + setting up 4th against Parramatta over the weekend - the speed of this guy is unbelievable.
- Josh Morris at outside centre - big and strong with plenty of pace and is in form.
- Brett Morris on the wing to replace williams, Brett Morris is in brilliant form also and like his brother has the size and speed.
- M Hodgson to replace Michael Weyman - another player who is really in form and doing a lot of work in all his club games for the Bulldogs.
- Hindmarsh to definitely be brought into the side and possibly start on the bench - Hindmarsh is in great form, defence is 2nd to none and also has plenty of experience.

Wayne Eustace writes:

1. Hayne - best attacking player and fullback is his best position.
2. Williams - far better player than the one who turned up in game 2.
3. Jennings - best chance of tearing open the opposition defence.
4. Lyon - still the best centre despite a quiet game 2.
5. Monaghan - now that Folau's out, he can win the high balls.
6. Gidley - gotta put him somewhere, here he can direct play better and provide inspiration for his inside man.
7. Mullen - form halfback, plus paired with Gidley he'll be much more confident.
8. Kite - need some size.
9. Farah - still the best option.....Ennis is too likely to give away penalties.
10. Clinton - career best form and has been there.
11. Hindmarsh - should never have been overlooked....tough and durable.
12. Creagh - tryscorer.
13. Tongue - tough, never say die, low error-rate, can play 80 minutes.
14. Waterhouse - heaps of impact and hurts in defence.
15. Gallen - need some mongrel and he is still good value.
16. Poore - will add good balance and extra size needed.
17. Matt Cooper - tough with great defence and speed.

Chamath writes:

Fullback: Jarryd Hayne (I do not have to explain)
Winger 1: Jamie Lyon (A handy center)
Winger 2: David Williams (The wolfman can produce a try via any intercept)
Center 1: Matt Cooper (In the best form that he has been in years)
Center 2: Michael Jennings (We saw his capability on sunday against eels)
5/8: Jamie Soward (Versatile 5/8 and kicking game is the best in the NRL and is even leading the NRL Dream Team scores)
Halfback: Brett Kimmorely (C) (In absoloute brilliant form for the Bulldogs and will be able to implement it on Origin level)
Prop 1: Brent Kite (A good addition to any team)
Hooker: Robbie Farrah (Everyone saw the part the Farrah played on friday in the hammering of the Rabbithos by the Tigers)
Prop 2: Luke Douglas (In brilliant form for the Sharks and has not missed a game for couple of years)
2nd Row 1: Nathan Hindmarsh (Hard working 2nd rower and is able to play whole 80 minutes)
2nd Row 2: Ben Creag (In good form and can sneak through the try line as seen in previous Origina games and make defense into attack)
Lock: L O'Donnell (Hard working and in good form)
Kurt Gidley (A very good utility and can play in many positions)
Justin Poore (In good form as the Dragons are winning and was evident on Friday)
Tom Learoyd-Lahrs (In very good form as seen on Sunday)
Paul Gallen (Is a good addition to any team to rev things up)
Anthony Watmough (Hard working and can even play whole 80 minutes)

Sam O'Leary writes:

1. J. Hayne - Undisputably the best blue out there.
2. M. Monaghan - As long as there's someone in the halves that can kick the ball, Monaghan should be sweet - so dangerous in the air.
3. M. Jennings - great hatrick.
4. Cooper - deserves another go.
5. D. Williams - Was unlucky to get popped up twice the way he did. His try in Origin 2 was pure heart.
6. Gidley (c) - Played out of his skin in 2nd half of the last origin in this position - very dangerous.
7. Mullen
8. Kite
9. Farah/Wing
10. M. Weyman
11. N. Hindmarsh - Nothing wrong with this bloke, has a heart like a lion, and the Blues need heart right now.
12. Learoyd-Lars - He's got next.
13. Alan Tongue - More heart. A hard man, with experience.

Interchange-: Kimmorley, Farah/Wing, Bailey, Ennis

All I know is that Wallace had better get his bloody marching orders. Never again Peter Wallace... never again.

Hank writes:

1. Luke Patten: Excellent cover defence from behind at fullback
2. Jarryd Hayne: Can score a try from almost anywhere on the field
3. Michael Jennings: One of the fastest and most elusive players going around
4. Matt Cooper: The best defensive centre in the game, can hit a gap at speed
5. Brett Morris: Great in open play, will combine great with Cooper
6. Jamie Soward: Best kicking in the game, playing with so much confidence
7. Brett Kimmorley: Another accurate kicker, always the first one down their from his own kick
8. Luke Bailey: One of the better props who can run forward strong
9. Craig Wing: The only player who could've saved NSW in game 1
10. Michael Weyman: One of the best props going round, does not stop running or tackling
11. Nathan Hindmarsh (C) : The game's biggest work horse, can lead NSW from the front to a victory
12. Ben Creagh: Excellent defender, can't stop close to the line, great offload
13. Glenn Stewart: One of the more agile locks in the game, tough, strong, great defence and hitting up

14. Michael Ennis: Pest from dummy half working with Kimmorley
15. Anthony Watmough: Stopped the QLD attack with his solid defence
16. Luke O' Donnell: One of the best defending forwards in the game, great in game 1&2
17. Kurt Gidley: Tried his heart out in game 2, great utility

Soward, Creagh, Cooper, Morris one side = unstoppable

Joe Haddad writes:

Gidley, Hayne, Jennings, Cooper, J Morris, Soward, Kimmorely, Kite,
Ennis, Poore, Hindmarsh, Creagh, Gallen

Interchange - Hornby, Stewart, Watmough, Learoyd Lahrs

Jamie Soward is a GOD DAMN MUST!!! And im not even a dragons supporter.
They say he is weak in defence . . . . well he is simply not there to tackle all game is he! He is an attacking half and he will create headaches all game for QLD with his range of skills. Ennis and Kimmorely's team lead the comp for a reason, together they create the backbone for the bulldogs and im sure they will for the blues too. Ben hornby off the bench to join team mate soward would put the icing on the cake. The forwards all played well in the first 2 games no need forgreat change (only on injuries).


Nathan Ramsay writes:

1. Jarryd Hayne (Don't put him on the sideline)
2. David Williams (forget Origin 2)
3. Jamie Lyon (good with "Wolfman")
4. Michael Jennings (Try scorer)
5. Hazem El Mazri (Good Kicker and should've been picked for last 2
6. Kurt Gidley (Cover all positions)
7. Matt Orford (Set's up tries)
8. Brent Kite
9. Craig Wing (Who else?)
10. Tom Learoyd Lahrs (Replace Weyman)
11. Anthony Whatmough (Who can be picked but him)
12. Nathan Hindmarsh (Steamroller)
13. Glenn Stewart
14. Michael Ennis (good form)
15. Willie Mason (Use him properly)
16. Michael Monaghan (Come on for Wolfman if he has a bad night)
17. Terry Campese (deserves another chance)

See how well Jamie Soward is next year because this is his first year with Bennett. Craig Wing is a star and Ennis deserves a chance. You can use Willie Mason properly. Anthony Watmough and Glenn Stewart are in good form.

Don't pick a club coach to coach NSW.

Michael Fowler writes:

1. Jarrod Hayne - One of the best players in the NRL so far, and is
electric on returning kicks
2. Brett Morris - In the top 3 try-scorers, and strong in defence and
under the high ball. Will work a good partnership with his brother on
the left side.
3. Josh Morris - Also in great form for the Dogs, electric pace, and
partnership with Brett.
4. Michael Jennings - The best attacking player in the NRL, he should
fit well into a NSW that should be looking to attack.
5. Joel Monaghan - Strong under the high ball, and is in good form for
the Raiders.
6. Kurt Gidley (c) - Would do better directing play all the time, and
has a strong partnership with Mullen.
7. Jarrod Mullen - Has a strong short and long kicking game, and just
edges out Jamie Soward because of his previous experience. Also has a
strong partnership with Gidley.
8. Brent Kite - Strong ball runner
9. Michael Ennis - Has the right attitude for Origin football, and has
a strong all-round game.
10. Justin Poore- In great form, and always gives his best.
11. Anthony Watmough - Was one of the best players in Origin 2, and
deserves a start.
12. Ben Creagh - Unstoppable close to the line, and was one of NSW's
best players in both matches.
13. Alan Tongue - Work tirelessly, and deserves a go in Origin. Would
never let the team down, and can slip into hooker if necessary.

14. Craig Wing - Provides spark off the bench, and is versatile.
15. Tom Learoyd-Lahrs - A very strong player, in great form for the
Raiders, and can play several positions.
16. Luke Bailey - Has a lot of Origin experience, and never lets the
team down.
17. Glenn Stewart- A skillful player and strong ball runner, he can
play wherever necessary.

Leon Beattie writes:

Who cares what team NSW fields... Go QLD!!!

And finally... Remember to log-on to from 7.45pm tonight where you'll find the official NSW Blues team announcement first online.

Game III of the Harvey Norman State of Origin Series between NSW and Queensland will be played at Brisbane’s Suncorp Stadium on Wednesday, July 15. Queensland leads the best-of-three series 2-0.
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