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Are you a footy-loving ex-pat? Are you living or holidaying in the United Kingdom, United States, Ireland or Canada?<br><br>Are you keen to watch Round 22 NRL action LIVE?<br><br>Well you can, right here, on<br><br>Simply <a href=""><b>CLICK HERE </b></a>to log-on to BigPond TV and enjoy five blockbuster Telstra Premiership clashes this weekend... free from any subscription costs.<br><b><br>Round 22 Streaming Schedule:</b><br><br><b>Friday 7th August<br>Storm v Cowboys</b><br>- 10:35am London (BMT)<br>- 5:35am New York (EDT)<br><br><b>Panthers v Dragons</b><br>- 10:35am London (BMT)<br>- 5:35am New York (EDT)<br><br><b>Saturday 8th August<br>Bulldogs v Raiders</b><br>- 10:30am London (BMT)<br>- 5:30am New York (EDT)<br><b><br>Sunday 9th August<br>Rosters v Tigers</b><br>- 5:00am London (BMT)<br>- Midnight New York (EDT)<br><b><br>Eels v Knights</b><br>- 6:00am London (BMT)<br>- 1.00am New York (EDT)<br><b><br>Note: </b>This service is restricted to viewers in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada and the United States only.