KAB Week has landed!

KAB Week is here! &nbsp;<br><br>Are you signed up for the Waste Reduction Challenge? &nbsp;<br><br>With many activities taking place during the week, it’s not too late to register online and get involved. <br><br>Rugby League fans are being urged to take up the ‘Waste Reduction Challenge’ to help reduce the amount of waste going to landfill.&nbsp; You can get involved at home, at work or at school by logging on to <a href="http://www.kab.org.au"><b>www.kab.org.au</b></a> and participating in as many of the waste reduction challenge as you can. &nbsp;<br><br>Starting your Waste Reduction Challenge at Home is one of easiest things you can do.&nbsp; <br><br>Did you know that over a third of household garbage going to landfill is food waste? <br><br>Set up a compost bin or worm farm to reduce food waste and feed your garden! Worm farms are odourless and don’t attract flies, so they can be placed indoors or outdoors.<br><br><b>Other activities you can do at home include:</b><br><br>•&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Refill or recycle empty printer cartridges from your home office at Cartridge World to save money and the environment.<br>•&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Round up as many old phones and accessories as you can and then drop them off for recycling with MobileMuster at your local Cartridge World store and receive a 10% discount cartridge refill voucher, or drop them off at any participating Telstra Shop.<br>•&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Avoid plastic bags by leaving your reusable shopping bags in the front seat of your car so you remember to take them into the shops with you.<br>•&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Consider taking your own water bottles instead of buying drinks when you’re out… this will save you money and reduce waste.<br>•&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Reuse packaging ie: glass bottles can be used to store homemade jams/spreads. Or get creative and use boxes and other packaging for gifts.<br><br>The NRL One Community Program is a promotional partner of Keep Australia Beautiful Week for the second year in a row and Rugby League fans are being urged to take up the ‘Waste Reduction Challenge’ to help reduce the amount of waste going to landfill. &nbsp;<br><br>It’s not too late to get involved so to find out more, or to register your support, visit <a href="http://www.kab.org.au"><b>www.kab.org.au </b></a><br>