Axed South Sydney coach Jason Taylor has found an ally in sacked Roosters coach Brad Fittler, who has labeled Taylor’s sacking as ‘crap’. <br><br>Fittler was ousted mid-year from the Sydney Roosters and has admitted that Taylor’s dismissal from Souths is both unreasonable and unfair. <br><br>“I think what they [Souths] did was unfair… he was sort of mucking around shadow boxing and a bloke smashed him in the face,” the former Blues five-eighth admitted on Bigpond Sports Weekend. <br><br>Fittler said that the incident not only left Taylor with a sore face but also a lot lighter in the hip pocket.<br><br>“I think he’s walked away from it with a sore face, a battered ego and three hundred thousand down.”<br><br>Adding to speculation that the Rabbitohs wanted to replace the head coach and were looking for any reason to justify such a decision, Fittler fumed that the incident was only minor and shouldn’t have resulted in Taylor losing his job.<br><br>“It’s just crap. To be able to just dispense anyone you like over the slightest disagreement… I think they’ll be in court and ill think they’ll have to pay some money and I hope they do.”<br><br>After the Roosters last round loss to the Cowboys, Fittler admitted he did not attend the clubs’ Mad Monday function and therefore missed the opportunity to share a beer with outgoing club stalwart Craig Fitzgibbon. <br><br>“I didn’t go to mine and I was questioned by everyone.”<br><br>In contrast, Fittler supported Taylor’s decision to attend Souths' end of season function and didn’t believe Taylor’s now infamous karate-chop deserved a knock out blow from David Fa’alogo.<br><br>“He should [be able to attend]. It’s ridiculous.<br><br>“It’s ludicrous the bloke smashed him in the face, absolutely ludicrous.”<br><br><b><a href="" target="_blank">CLICK HERE to watch the full interview.</a></b><br>