The Board of the Australian Rugby League has today reaffirmed its position of not including Darren Lockyer’s four Super League appearances for Australia as ARL test caps.<br><br>Chief Executive Officer of the ARL, Mr. Geoff Carr, said; <br><br>“Both the Rugby Football League and the New Zealand Rugby League joined Super League so that is why they count their test matches as official test caps,” Mr. Carr said.<br><br>“The ARL counts tests as those which are played for the Kangaroos or under the control of the ARL.<br><br>“The ARL has treated the situation the same for the last 13 years and we have support from the National Rugby League as well as Rugby League historians.<br><br>“Darren’s four tests are still counted but they are in a different category.”<br><br>The Board also agreed to put forth an amendment to the Board of the Rugby League International Federation (RLIF) regarding the laws concerning the corner post.<br><br>With the general consensus being that the corner post should be removed from being included in the definition of the field of play.<br><br>The RLIF Board will meet on Thursday May 6 in Melbourne prior to the VB Test Match on Friday May 7.