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Okay stats fans... as promised, here it is: the breakdown of your team’s performance in the second half of matches. <br><br><a href="">Last week we learned the Sea Eagles were the kings of first-half football</a> (their 12-all halftime score line against the Eels last night sees them remain unbeaten in first 40s); but this week, we examine the all-important finishing capabilities of sides. <br><br>Of course, it’s the combination of both that brings competition points – but if your side is great at “closing the deal”, you can take confidence into the big games.<br><br>If a side competes at the back end it proves they have the stamina to go the distance. If they are switched on early in a match and bring it home strong, they are obviously potential title aspirants.<br><br>Fresh from their belting of the Wests Tigers, the mighty Rabbitohs emerge as the best performers in second-half football in 2010, winning seven times from nine games (the bye places them just ahead of the Dragons). Their only second- half losses came in Round 1 against the Roosters and Round 6 against the Eels, showing the Bunnies are never dead and buried. <br><br>Other major points that come to light are:<br><br>* The Dragons have also lost just two second halves, with seven wins and a draw. They have conceded the second fewest second-half points with just 61 – or 6.1 a game – which is the best average. They have kept opposition teams scoreless in the second half three times this year. They also have the best differential (55).<br><br>* The Wests Tigers have lost their past five second halves by an average 18-4 score line –&nbsp; a worrying sign going forward. This leaves them the 11th best side in second halves.<br><br>* Manly might have been first-half legends but they are second-half duds, winning just four second halves to be a lowly 13th in the league. They have lost four of their past five second halves – and last Monday night was the second time this season they have posted a duck egg in the second 40.<br><br>* The Eels have won their past four second halves and with the benefit of the bye have rocketed up to fourth in second stanzas. They have conceded the fewest second-half points in the NRL with just 59 put past them – with Monday night's win over the Sea Eagles the second time this year they have kept a side scoreless in the second stanza. <br><br>* The Titans have scored the most second-half points (128 for the season so far) – despite being kept scoreless last weekend against Brisbane.<br><br>* The Cowboys are running seventh in second halves – despite languishing in 14th on the NRL ladder. If the boys from North Queensland can stop the opposition from getting the jump on them early, they may be a hope for a late finals charge.<br><br>* A few rounds ago the Broncos had won just one second half but have won the past two to start a resurgence. Are the Broncos back? Too soon to tell – they still have conceded by far the most second-half points (153). <br><br>* The Raiders managed to beat the Storm 6-4 in the second half last weekend, but it was just their second win in the back half all year – and the first time they had achieved the feat since Round 1. Twice this season they have failed to register a second-half point and they have the worst offensive record in the NRL in second halves, having scored just 49 points. Only a bye has them ahead of the Knights in second halves.<br><br>* The Knights are the NRL’s worst second-half performers, having lost their opening seven second halves of football this year. Despite winning two of their past three, they are still at the bottom of the pile – although the Raiders are lucky they have “played” the bye! <br><br><b>1. RABBITOHS (Actually 5th) </b><br>Rd 1 v Roosters: Loss 4-24<br>Rd 2 v Titans: Win 12-6<br>Rd 3 v Sharks: Win 12-4<br>Rd 4 v Bulldogs: Win 12-10<br>Rd 5 v Knights: Win 16-6<br>Rd 6 v Eels: Loss 0-20<br>Rd 7 v Raiders: Win 20-0<br>Rd 8 v Sea Eagles: Win 16-12<br>Rd 9 v Bye<br>Rd 10 v Tigers: Win 32-4<br><br>TOTAL: 7 wins, 2 losses, 1 bye, 124 points for, 86 against, differential 38, points 16<br><br><b>2. DRAGONS (Actually 1st)</b><br>Rd 1 v Eels: Draw 6-6<br>Rd 2 v Bulldogs: Win 10-6<br>Rd 3 v Cowboys: Win 16-6<br>Rd 4 v Storm: Loss 4-13<br>Rd 5 v Broncos: Win 16-10<br>Rd 6 v Titans: Win 13-6<br>Rd 7 v Roosters: Win 24-0<br>Rd 8 v Sharks: Win 20-0<br>Rd 9 v Sea Eagles: Loss 0-14<br>Rd 10 v Bulldogs: Win 7-0<br><br>TOTAL: 7 wins, 2 losses, 1 draw, 116 points for, 61 against, differential 55, points 15<br><br><b>3. STORM (Actually 16th, 2nd without penalty)</b><br>Rd 1 v Sharks: Win 8-6<br>Rd 2 v Knights: Win 8-0<br>Rd 3 v Panthers: Win 10-6<br>Rd 4 v Dragons: Win 13-4<br>Rd 5 v Titans: Loss 0-16<br>Rd 6 v Sea Eagles: Win 10-0<br>Rd 7 v Warriors: Win 18-6<br>Rd 8 v Cowboys: Win 16-6<br>Rd 9 v Broncos: Loss 10-12<br>Rd 10 v Raiders: Loss 4-6<br><br>TOTAL: 7 wins, 3 losses, 97 points for, 62 against, differential 35, points 14<br><br><b>4. EELS (Actually 6th)</b><br>Rd 1 v Dragons: Draw 6-6<br>Rd 2 v Sea Eagles: Win 24-6<br>Rd 3 v Tigers: Loss 12-14<br>Rd 4 v Sharks: Loss 0-11<br>Rd 5 v Raiders: Loss 4-6<br>Rd 6 v Rabbitohs: Win 20-0<br>Rd 7 v Cowboys: Win 12-6<br>Rd 8 v Bulldogs: Win 18-10<br>Rd 9 v Bye<br>Rd 10 v Sea Eagles: Win 7-0<br><br>TOTAL: 5 wins, 3 losses, 1 draw, 1 bye, 103 points for, 59 against, differential 44, points 13<br><b><br>5. TITANS (Actually 3rd)</b><br>Rd 1 v Warriors: Win 12-0<br>Rd 2 v Rabbitohs: Loss 6-12<br>Rd 3 v Raiders: Win 16-4<br>Rd 4 v Cowboys: Loss 12-14<br>Rd 5 v Storm: Win 16-0<br>Rd 6 v Dragons: Loss 6-13<br>Rd 7 v Sea Eagles: Win 12-6<br>Rd 8 v Panthers: Win 26-12<br>Rd 9 v Knights: Win 22-16<br>Rd 10 v Broncos: Loss 0-16<br><br>TOTAL: 6 wins, 4 losses, 128 points for, 93 against, differential 35, points 12<br><br><b>6. WARRIORS (Actually 7th)</b><br>Rd 1 v Titans: Loss 0-12<br>Rd 2 v Sharks: Win 14-2<br>Rd 3 v Broncos: Win 34-6<br>Rd 4 v Sea Eagles: Loss 6-8<br>Rd 5 v Bulldogs: Win 18-12<br>Rd 6 v Panthers: Loss 12-18<br>Rd 7 v Storm: Loss 6-18<br>Rd 8 v Raiders: Win 16-7<br>Rd 9 v Bye<br>Rd 10 v Cowboys: Win 12-4<br><br>TOTAL: 5 wins, 4 losses, 1 bye, 118 points for, 87 against, differential 31, points 12<br><br><b>7. COWBOYS (Actually 14th)</b><br>Rd 1 v Broncos: Win 24-10<br>Rd 2 v Panthers: Win 26-6<br>Rd 3 v Dragons: Loss 6-16<br>Rd 4 v Titans: Win 14-12<br>Rd 5 v Tigers: Win 14-5<br>Rd 6 v Knights: Win 12-6<br>Rd 7 v Eels: Loss 6-12<br>Rd 8 v Storm: Loss 6-16<br>Rd 9 v Roosters: Win 14-4<br>Rd 10 v Warriors: Loss 4-12<br><br>TOTAL: 6 wins, 4 losses, 126 points for, 99 against, differential 27, points 12<br><br><b>8. PANTHERS (Actually 2nd)</b><br>Rd 1 v Raiders: Loss 12-16<br>Rd 2 v Cowboys: Loss 6-26<br>Rd 3 v Storm: Loss 6-10<br>Rd 4 v Knights: Win 28-6<br>Rd 5 v Roosters: Win 12-6<br>Rd 6 v Warriors: Win 18-12<br>Rd 7 v Tigers: Win 12-6<br>Rd 8 v Titans: Loss 12-26<br>Rd 9 v Bye<br>Rd 10 v Sharks: Win 12-6<br><br>TOTAL: 5 wins, 4 losses, 1 bye, 118 points for, 114 against, differential 4, points 12<br><br><b>9. BULLDOGS (Actually 10th)</b><br>Rd 1 v Knights: Win 16-4<br>Rd 2 v Dragons: Loss 6-10<br>Rd 3 v Roosters: Win 30-10<br>Rd 4 v Rabbitohs: Loss 10-12<br>Rd 5 v Warriors: Loss 12-18<br>Rd 6 v Tigers: Win 18-4<br>Rd 7 v Broncos: Win 24-12<br>Rd 8 v Eels: Loss 10-18<br>Rd 9 v Bye<br>Rd 10 v Dragons: Loss 0-7<br><br>TOTAL: 4 wins, 5 losses, 1 bye, 126 points for, 95 against, differential 31, points 10<br><br><b>10. ROOSTERS (Actually 8th)</b><br>Rd 1 v Rabbitohs: Win 24-4<br>Rd 2 v Tigers: Win 24-20<br>Rd 3 v Bulldogs: Loss 10-30<br>Rd 4 v Broncos: Win 7-6<br>Rd 5 v Panthers: Loss 6-12<br>Rd 6 v Raiders: Win 18-6<br>Rd 7 v Dragons: Loss 0-24<br>Rd 8 v Tigers: Win 12-0<br>Rd 9 v Cowboys: Loss 4-14<br>Rd 10 v Knights: Loss 6-16<br><br>TOTAL: 5 wins, 5 losses, 111 points for, 132 against, differential -21, points 10<br><br><b>11. WESTS TIGERS (Actually 9th)</b><br>Rd 1 v Sea Eagles: Win 22-2<br>Rd 2 v Roosters: Loss 20-24<br>Rd 3 v Eels: Win 14-12<br>Rd 4 v Raiders: Win 25-0<br>Rd 5 v Cowboys: Loss 5-14<br>Rd 6 v Bulldogs: Loss 4-18<br>Rd 7 v Panthers: Loss 6-12<br>Rd 8 v Roosters: Loss 0-12<br>Rd 9 v Bye<br>Rd 10 v Rabbitohs: Loss 4-32<br><br>TOTAL: 3 wins, 6 losses, 1 bye, 100 points for, 126 against, differential -26, points 8<br><b><br>12. SHARKS (Actually 15th)</b><br>Rd 1 v Storm: Loss 6-8<br>Rd 2 v Warriors: Loss 2-14<br>Rd 3 v Rabbitohs: Loss 4-12<br>Rd 4 v Eels: Win 11-0<br>Rd 5 v Sea Eagles: Loss 6-10<br>Rd 6 v Broncos: Win 16-12<br>Rd 7 v Knights: Win 16-6<br>Rd 8 v Dragons: Loss 0-20<br>Rd 9 v Bye<br>Rd 10 v Panthers: Loss 6-12<br><br>TOTAL: 3 wins, 6 losses, 1 bye, 67 points for, 94 against, differential -27, points 8<br><b><br>13. SEA EAGLES (Actually 4th)</b><br>Rd 1 v Tigers: Loss 2-22<br>Rd 2 v Eels: Loss 6-24<br>Rd 3 v Knights: Win 12-6<br>Rd 4 v Warriors: Win 8-6<br>Rd 5 v Sharks: Win 10-6<br>Rd 6 v Storm: Loss 0-10<br>Rd 7 v Titans: Loss 6-12<br>Rd 8 v Rabbitohs: Loss 12-16<br>Rd 9 v Dragons: Win 14-0<br>Rd 10 v Eels: Loss 0-7<br><br>TOTAL: 4 wins, 6 losses, 70 points for, 109 against, differential -39, points 8<br><br><b>14. BRONCOS (Actually 11th)</b><br>Rd 1 v Cowboys: Loss 10-24<br>Rd 2 v Raiders: Win 14-4<br>Rd 3 v Warriors: Loss 6-34<br>Rd 4 v Roosters: Loss 6-7<br>Rd 5 v Dragons: Loss 10-16<br>Rd 6 v Sharks: Loss 12-16<br>Rd 7 v Bulldogs: Loss 12-24<br>Rd 8 v Knights: Loss 0-18<br>Rd 9 v Storm: Win 12-10<br>Rd 10 v Titans: Win 16-0<br><br>TOTAL: 3 wins, 7 losses, 98 points for, 153 against, differential -55, points 6<br><br><b>15. RAIDERS (Actually 13th)</b><br>Rd 1 v Panthers: Win 16-12<br>Rd 2 v Broncos: Loss 4-14<br>Rd 3 v Titans: Loss 4-16<br>Rd 4 v Tigers: Loss 0-25<br>Rd 5 v Eels: Loss 6-18<br>Rd 6 v Roosters: Loss 6-18<br>Rd 7 v Rabbitohs: Loss 0-20<br>Rd 8 v Warriors: Loss 7-16<br>Rd 9 v Bye<br>Rd 10 v Storm: Win 6-4<br><br>TOTAL: 2 wins, 7 losses, 1 bye, 49 points for, 129 against, differential -80, points 6<br><b><br>16. KNIGHTS (Actually 12th)</b><br>Rd 1 v Bulldogs: Loss 4-16<br>Rd 2 v Storm: Loss 0-8<br>Rd 3 v Sea Eagles: Loss 6-12<br>Rd 4 v Panthers: Loss 6-28<br>Rd 5 v Rabbitohs: Loss 6-16<br>Rd 6 v Cowboys: Loss 6-12<br>Rd 7 v Sharks: Loss 6-16<br>Rd 8 v Broncos: Win 18-0<br>Rd 9 v Titans: Loss 16-22<br>Rd 10 v Roosters: Win 16-6<br><br>TOTAL: 2 wins, 8 losses, 84 points for, 136 against, differential -52, points 4