From high ranking junior chess competitor in the Hunter Region, to the front row of the fiercest sporting rivalry in the world, Kade Snowden is a prop on a mission.<br><br>Snowden is salivating at the chance to take on the much vaunted Maroons outfit and test himself at the highest level.<br><br>“They are a big pack and a good side,” he said.<br><br>“Everyone wants to come up against this side and show they can be beat.”<br><br>When asked by about his chess playing ability Snowden laughed, before sheepishly pointing out that he only played for a year, despite ranking in the top 18 players across the region.<br><br>“I didn’t think anybody knew about that,” he grinned.<br><br>“I don’t play anymore; I only played for a year.”<br><br>While Snowden’s time as a chess champion was fleeting, he hopes to make the most of the treasured sky-blue jersey and make it his own.<br><br>“It has always been my dream to play for the Blues,” he said.<br><br>“It is just an awesome feeling and I can’t wait to run out there.<br><br>“If I have a good game I could cement my spot here for the next couple of years, so I really need to knuckle down and give it all I’ve got.”<br>