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The National Rugby League has today issued the Melbourne club with a $10,000 breach notice over comments made by club trainers to an interchange official at Leichhardt Oval on Sunday. <br><br> The breach notice has been issued following a formal complaint from the official after the match. <br><br> NRL rules state that trainers must at all times comply with any direction or instruction from match officials and must not make argumentative, disparaging, derogatory or offensive comments to any match officials. <br><br> The comments followed the interchange official’s correct implementation of the rule which prevents an interchange taking place at a scrum. <br><br> “Regardless of the situation, people have to accept the rulings of the officials during the match,” NRL Chief Operating Officer, Mr Graham Annesley, said today. <br><br>“In this case it appears the official was confronted for doing exactly as the rules require.” <br><br> The Melbourne club will have five working days in which to make any submissions in relation to the breach notice. <br><br>