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This week we take a look at the cash cows of the Toyota NRL Dream Team competition.’s resident Dream Team guru 'The Lone Scout' defines a cash cow as a player whose value in Dream Team starts small and grows large. Picking cash cows in your Dream Team allows you to boost the value of your team, meaning you can buy more big-name players later in the season.

We have analysed a handful of players from each club - generally with a small value - who are more than likely to rise in value next week. We have also added bonus content surrounding established player injuries and/or positional changes that may affect a player's scoring ability.

You'll find there are a number of selected strategies for all Dream Teamers to ponder in regards to holding/buying/selling players over the course of the season depending on current statistics and their projected DT prices.

Click the link on the right for your club's rundown, and happy trading this week.