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The Australian Rugby League Commission has moved to integrate game development across Rugby League making ARL Development a core part of the Commission’s management structure.

Since its inception in 1998, ARL Development has been a separate entity funded by clubs and the NRL Partnership under its own board chaired by the Hon John Fahey AC.

That Board has been rationalised with ARLC Chairman, Mr John Grant, Commissioner Mr Peter Gregg and Commission Chief Executive David Gallop assuming the Board positions.

“The Commission would like to thank John Fahey and his Board for their contribution to the game,” Mr Gallop said.

“ARLD has pioneered professional female development officers with teaching qualifications and a wide range of school and community activity programs under the Board and its General Manager Bill Palmer.

“There is a real opportunity under the Commission structure to capitalise on the work of the ARLD by integrating it more closely with all areas of the game.

“Rather than operate through a separate board and General Manager it will now fall directly under the Commission management structure with a rationalised board.

“A consequence of that process is that Bill Palmer will leave the organisation having made a very significant contribution to the future of Rugby League.

“As a Board Member of ARLD, I join many people across the game in congratulating Bill on what he has achieved for the game and in wishing him every success for the future.

“In many ways the integration of ARLD as a core part of the Commission structure is a tribute to what Bill and his team have achieved.

“Bill was the first employee and for a while the only employee and he has laid some solid foundations for the future.”