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The NRL has today informed the Hunter Sports Group that it will be required to ensure that the next NRL Club Grant payment ($583,333 due later this month) is used to ensure that all player superannuation payments are current before being put to any other use.

The Hunter Sports Group has today publicly stated that it was unaware of any action by the Australian Taxation Office in relation to outstanding amounts and that the matters would be resolved in time to meet any deadline issued by the ATO.

The NRL has made a number of inquiries of the Hunter Sports Group and continues to be advised that the financial position of the Knights is secure.

Newcastle Knights members have the added comfort of a $20m bank guarantee that would support the club into the future in any event.

“Hunter Sports Group continues to assure us that the club is in a sound position,” NRL Interim Chief Executive, Mr Shane Mattiske, said today.

“There are also clear safeguards agreed by Nathan Tinkler and the Knights at the time of the sale of the club that remain in place.

“These include a significant bank guarantee.

“It is important in the meantime that we ensure all commitments are met to players and staff and we are simply ensuring through the payment of the grant that these are a priority.”