Titans players Mark Minichiello, Matthew White, Albert Kelly and Ashley Harrison aren't the only members of their family with personalised jerseys any more. Copyright: Titans Media
WHEN Leo, Luca and Rocco Minichiello talk about being like their dad and playing for the Titans one day, they can now picture how it would look a lot more clearly.

On Monday they had the chance to run around Cbus Super Stadium in their personalised Titans jerseys, complete with their names heat-sealed onto the back, as part of an initiative of the team’s new official apparel sponsor BLK.

They joined Albert Kelly’s daughter Brida-Lee, Ashley Harrison’s son Will and Matt White’s little girl Mia in a special family get-together on the lush turf of the Titans’ stadium, in an opportunity for the teeny-Titans to feel what it’s like to don their individual footy strips like their famous fathers.

And so too can any Titans fans, with the opportunity now – for just $10 – to be just like the players and have their names permanently marked onto their iSelect Titans supporters jerseys.

But, for those who want to turn up for home games as a ‘name player’, they can only have their name and number applied to new jerseys acquired through the official Titans Teamstore (www.shop.titans.com.au).

The initiative comes from Gold Coast-based, international sports brand BLK who last November secured a five-year deal with the Titans until the end of the 2018 season.

“I think it’s a great idea,” said Titans’ foundation player Mark Minichiello. “It allows fans, particularly the kids, to directly associate with their favourite player and bring them closer to the team.”