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Australia’s best women’s rugby league players will arrive in Sydney on Wednesday ahead of their historic match at Allianz Stadium on Friday night.

The Women’s All Stars and Indigenous Women’s All Stars will play the curtain-raiser to the Mid-Season Test between the Holden Australian Kangaroos and the New Zealand Kiwis.

It will be the first time an elite women’s game will be played as the curtain-raiser for a Kangaroos Test match.

Women's All Stars

1. Tegan Chandler (Helensburgh, NSW)
2. Alex Sulusi (Canley Heights, NSW)
3. Sam Hammond (Helensburgh, NSW)
4. Karina Brown (Gold Coast QLD)
5. Emily Andrews (Helensburgh, NSW)
6. Ali Brigginshaw (Ripley, QLD)
7. Heather Ballinger (Cairns, QLD)
8. Tarah Westera (Penrith, NSW)
9. Stephanie Hancock (Killarney, QLD)
10. Tahnee Norris (Robina, QLD)
11. Nicki Richards (QLD) 
12. Elianna Walton (Canley Heights, NSW)
13. Renae Kunst (West End, QLD)
14. Ruan Sims (Cronulla, NSW)
15. Deanne Turner (Mackay, QLD)
16. Courtney Lockwood (QLD)
17. Maddie Studden (QLD) 
18. Annette Brander (QLD)
Coach – Daniel Lacey
Assistant Coach - Karyn Murphy

Indigenous Women’s All Stars

1. Caitlin Moran (NSW)
2. Kandy Kennedy (Bathurst, NSW) 
3. Natalia Wauchope (NSW)
4. Tanisha Stanton (Newcastle, NSW) 
5. Nakia Davis-Welsh (Mindaribba, NSW) 
6. Lavina Phillips (Redfern, NSW) 
7. Kiah Simon (Newcastle, NSW) 
8. Chloe Cadwell (Sydney, NSW) 
9. Julie Young (Maitland, NSW) 
10. Ashleigh Singleton (North QLD Waru) 
11. Tallisha Harden (Central Coast, NSW)
12. Emma Young (Maitland NSW) 
13. Bec Young (Maitland NSW)
14. Karlinda Potts (Illawarra, NSW) 
15. Baince Ambrum (Northern Territory 
16. Eunice Grimes (Mindaribba, NSW)
17. Theresa Anderson (Inala, QLD) 
18. Mel Sutton (Mindaribba, SNW) 
Coach – Kenny Nagas
Assistant Coach – Dean Widders