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Wayne Bennett refuses to comment on whether he will stick out his contract with the Knights.
Newcastle Knights coach Wayne Bennett has announced former Cronulla players Kade Snowden and Jeremy Smith have been withdrawn from the Knights' team to play the Broncos on Saturday.

Speaking after training on Friday, Bennett told reporters: "Two players have been withdrawn this morning... They accepted their ASADA breach notices so Jeremy and Kade Snowden won't be playing.

"Under the terms of reference they have deemed to have served a period of time, and have been given a three-month suspension and will be available some time in November... they have to accept the situation [that's] the reality of it all."

See Bennett's interview here.

Meanwhile, the NRL said today it was aware that all current NRL players involved in the ASADA investigation have responded to the show cause notices issued by the Authority.

The NRL's process will not begin until such time as it receives formal notification from ASADA based on player responses to the show cause notices.