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NRL Head of Football Todd Greenberg.

In an exclusive interview with, new NRL CEO Todd Greenberg discusses his past experiences and how they will assist in facing the challenges that await as he steps into the new role.

New NRL CEO Todd Greenberg on... 

On his appointment: "It's a great honour, a great privilege, and I'm really humbled to get this opportunity."

On his priorities as CEO: "It comes down to two key fundamentals. We want more people playing the game, and more people watching the game."

On his time as NRL Head of Football: "It's given me a great insight into the centre, the HQ of the game itself. And equally the six years I spent in a club gave me a great insight into what it's like inside the clubs, and inside the pressure test of week-to-week football. I think it's all held me in good stead but there's a big challenge ahead."