Warriors hooker Issac Luke.

With the beginning of the 2017 Telstra Premiership upon us we asked the game's biggest stars to reveal the pre-game rituals that get them in the right frame of mind on game day.


Issac Luke (Warriors)

I shave my face before every game, I have been doing it for 10 years. There's only been a couple of games where I haven't because I have left my razor at home. My old ritual was eating porridge; I used to eat it when I was a kid and my wife makes it for me. My son eats porridge before games so I might have to go back to that one day.

Joe Greenwood (Titans)

The night before a game I have to have at least eight to 10 hours sleep but apart from that it's just listening to music, chilling out, maybe go for a walk. Just kicking back and relaxing.

Scott Bolton (Cowboys)

Having a sleep is pretty much the only compulsory thing I do. I normally try and have a sleep just after lunch for an hour or so, try and freshen me up a bit. I'm a pretty relaxed sort of person and definitely don't struggle to sleep at any stage.

Shaun Kenny-Dowall (Roosters) 

I'm a bit of a weirdo when it comes to that… there are literally hundreds. I have to do everything at the same time before every game. I wake up, go for a swim, clean my house, shave, walk the dog at pretty much the same time before every game. It's a ritual, and I think if you're in a good routine then you can prepare your best each week.

Reagan Campbell-Gillard (Panthers)

I listen to a song just before kick-off from Metalica and I do everything left before right, so strapping, socks and boots. And I always shake the last person's hand as well.

David Fusitu'a (Warriors)

I have a set playlist I listen to every week, it's a gospel playlist and it's something I listen to on the bus or whatever. It really calms me down, it gets my head right. Once it's time for the game it's time, but I don't want to use up all my energy on the way to the game.

Tyrone Roberts (Titans)

Before kick-off I normally have about five minutes to myself, just some quiet time in a dark room. I just make sure to have my five minutes to myself just in a dark room to think about nothing. It helps me to reset.

Tim Grant (Wests Tigers)

I wake up, have some breakfast, wait a few hours and then sleep until I need to leave and go to the game.

Chris McQueen (Titans)

I just try to relax as much as possible, watch TV or watch a movie. I know some of the boys might go out for breakfast or go to the beach but I don't want to do any of that; I just want to sit at home and be left alone, try not to get caught up thinking about the game too much.

Dean Whare (Panthers)

I have to wear tight skins under my shorts with no undies when I go out to play.

David Tyrrell (Rabbitohs)

I used to be pretty meticulous about it, but not so much anymore. I think you've just got to take the punches as you come. Sometimes things don't go to plan, and getting into a pre-game routine won't help. That said, I used to go for a walk, stretch at a particular time and eat a certain meal before the game.