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The NRL recently took its State of Mind program to Thursday Island in the Torres Strait.

It all started when 2016 Community Volunteer of the Year Terry Abednego pursued State of Mind Project Officer David Shillington to ensure the program, which is sponsored by the Queensland Department of Health, made it to the far North region.

State of Mind ambassadors and former NRL stars Clinton Toopi and Shillington delivered the education session which was extremely well received by all in attendance. 

"We want everyone to know in this community that it is OK to talk, and it's OK to admit you have a problem," Shillington said.

The State of Mind Program is going from strength to strength. There are now nine clubs recognised as State of Mind Clubs and another 110 on their way. In 2018 the NRL will be looking to recruit another 75 Queensland clubs into the program. 

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