Brisbane Broncos coach Anthony Seibold.

Anthony Seibold is a tad bemused by the interest in the pumping music that plays at select moments of Brisbane Broncos training sessions and has explained the science and research behind the move.

The music does not play for the entire session and is not to be heard during the football components of Seibold's training sessions.

The new Broncos coach has outlined to why the music is played at certain times.

"There is research-based evidence, both here and abroad, that music helps with hormonal levels. It is an energiser," Seibold told

"If you walk into any gym in Australia what is playing over the speakers? Music is playing.

"If anyone does any professional development with the NBA or NFL, or even with the international rugby union teams, you will hear music played before the session, during the warm-up and in the conditioning components… and that is what we do here.

"The music was on today for 15 minutes. It is never on in any of the football components – the teaching, skill related or game model components – of our training sessions."

Seibold has studied a wide range of professional codes in the the United States and visited facilities at the New York Giants, Brooklyn Nets, Philadephia Eagles and universities including UCLA and Stamford.

He said all of them utilised music at training as part of their programs.

"Three or four of them had actually hired DJs, but the thing I don't like about it over there is that they would leave the music on for the whole session," he said.

"I do it for the warm-up, as an energiser, and I turn it on when the guys are doing their five- or 10-minute conditioning components so sometimes it is on for 15 minutes of the session.

"Of all the things I have tried to bring to the Broncos that is probably 'Z' on the list of 'A to Z' but for whatever reason people are infatuated by it."

The reason for that is music had not been heard before at Broncos training under former coach Wayne Bennett and has been a source of intrigue to journalists and interested members of the public ever since the former South Sydney coach arrived.

Seibold said the 'A' on his above mentioned list was the "game model", which remained a work in progress.

"We've been trying to install elements of our game model from day one," he said.

"We get an opportunity to improve every single day that we train. I don't look ahead to round eight or round 12. I look at what we have to do well today and focus on the short term."

The Broncos this week returned from a training camp on the Sunshine Coast where that game model Seibold speaks about was a focus.

On Monday there was a new face at Broncos HQ with former South Sydney outside back Richie Kennar training at Red Hill for the first time. Kennar is on a train and trial deal with the Broncos and has signed with Wynnum-Manly to play in the Intrust Super Cup.