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Storm fullback Ryan Papenhuyzen.

Keep in touch with the best buys, players to avoid and latest NRL Fantasy news to help you win your league this year.

Round 10: Team list crisis

With the likes of (deep breath) Simpkin, Cini, Utoikamanu, Ramien, Munster, Grant, Smith, Momirovski and possibly Papenhuyzen and Fifita all out of action this week, what are the most urgent trades to make?

Chris Kennedy and Dom Brock talk urgent trades, which cheapies to gamble on, which fallen guns to snap up, our Dashers of the Week and more.

Round 9: More centre trades & risky cheapies

Ben Hampton is suddenly a sell, edge forwards are piling on the points, and with Chanel Harris-Tavita looming is Reece Walsh a risky option? Chris Kennedy and Dom Brock talk round 9 teams, the Dasher of the Week and answer your questions.

Round 8: Is Reece Walsh the next big cash cow?

The Warriors unearth a new teen star, but will he stick around? Also our answers on Haas, Harris, Hampton, Tedesco, Taukeiaho and more, plus the Dasher of the Week and the latest team list news.

Round 7: Team list chaos & more Hampton talk

Ryan Papenhuyzen, Latrell Mitchell and even Bailey Simonsson are gone, other stars are facing the judiciary and bench players are threatening to put an end to the reign of a couple of key cash cows. Chris Kennedy and Dom Brock answer your questions after a wild batch of team lists.

Round 6: Cash cows dropped, new bargains emerge

Simpkin, Hampton, Olakau'atu: which of this week's cash cows is the best bet? Milford, Liddle, Niu, Riki: which player should you trade out first? Answers to these questions and more, plus the first Dashers Of the Week.

Round 5: Is Isaiah Papali'i the real deal?

Ryan Papenhuyzen threatens Nathan Cleary's all-time Fantasy record, Sean O'Sullivan and Sam Walker are raking in the cash and Chris Kennedy and Dom Brock answer your questions on Keaon Koloamatangi, Luke Brooks, Siosiua Taukeiaho and more.

Round 4: How many halves do you need?

Sam Walker has arrived, Sean O'Sullivan is a bargain, Josh Schuster is even better and there are plenty of team changes ahead of Round 4. Chris Kennedy and Dom Brock talk teams and answer your questions on trading Jake Averillo, Tino Fa'asuamaleaui, Luke Brooks and more.

Round 3: Time to axe Tino?

NRL Fantasy's next cash cow arrives, Fa'asuamaleaui on the trade block, Lam's scoring stalls and all the other Round 3 talking points with Chris Kennedy and Dom Brock.

Round 2: Strugglers dropped, cash cows galore

With Matt Lodge injured, Jacob Host dropped and a couple of new starters suddenly looking great value, there are plenty of trade questions ahead of round 2. Chris Kennedy and Dom Brock rate the best buys and players to avoid, plus some great news for Daine Laurie owners.

Round 1 teams bonanza

Is Daine Laurie worth the risk? Is Dylan Walker a buy? Which hookers have emerged as must-have cash cows? Chris Kennedy and Dom Brock answer your NRL Fantasy questions ahead of the first round of the 2021 season.

Your questions plus top 10 centres & winger/fullbacks

Just one more week until Team List Tuesday so we take your Fantasy questions on new dual-position players, captaincy options, Luke Brooks and more, plus we run through the 10 most popular centres and winger/fullback in the game.

Top five most popular edge forwards

Top 10 edge forwards & halves: Is Cleary overrated?

Chris Kennedy and Dom Brock analyse the top most popular edge forwards and halves in NRL Fantasy right now, rate a few point-of-difference options and question whether Nathan Cleary is really worth his bumper starting price.

Top five most popular hookers in NRL Fantasy

Top 10 hookers & middle forwards

The NRL Fantasy podcast is back for 2021 with Chris Kennedy and Dom Brock talking through the new rule and scoring changes this season plus the most popular hookers and middle forwards – and a few players flying under the radar.

Top five most popular middle forwards in NRL Fantasy