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Doping is harmful to the health of players, totally contrary to the spirit of Rugby League, and contrary to the player’s fundamental right to participate in doping-free competition. For these reasons, the ARLC, the NRL, and all other affiliated bodies condemn the presence of it in our game.

All participants within Rugby League are bound by the League’s Anti-Doping Policy and participants must be aware of their obligations and the rules that apply to them. The League’s Anti-Doping Policy complies with the World Anti-Doping Code, ASADA regulations, and the Rugby League International Federation Anti-Doping Policy.

The League’s Anti-Doping program works collaboratively with the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA) to protect the game against doping through education, intelligence gathering, testing, and results management.

Under the League’s Anti-Doping Policy, any registered player can be tested at any time. Testing is regularly conducted within senior and junior elite and sub-elite levels, from the Holden Kangaroos to the Under 16 representatives. Players are selected on a random or targeted basis both in-competition (match-days) and out-of-competition. The testing program uses all intelligence and research available to identify the areas of highest doping risk and tailors its testing programme accordingly.

It is the responsibility of all participants in rugby league to promote anti-doping in Rugby League. If you are aware that a participant is doping, you can report this confidentially to the following:

NRL (by email):

A list of Players subject to sanction for anti-doping violations can be accessed at:


The Leagues Anti-Doping Policy - to view the policy, please download the pdf.
Check your substances -
The Prohibited List -