Priority areas for research

In a given calendar year, the Rugby League Research Committee will invite key stakeholders to propose priority areas that the game should fund research for the following season. The key stakeholders are:

  • NRL departments
  • Standing committees formed by the NRL/ARLC
  • Telstra Premiership clubs
  • State Leagues
  • RLPA

If Junior/Senior Rugby League Clubs, Leagues or Zones wish to suggest a priority area for research, then they should submit this through their existing process of communication up to and through the relevant State League.

Once the key stakeholders propose areas/topics to research, then the RLRC will consider proposals, then finalise a shortlist of priority research areas.

Then, RLRC will invite universities/research institutions to lodge an Expression of Interest, to

  • transform a shortlisted area into a specific research topic
  • propose how the applicant would research this area
  • apply for funding for their research proposal

For information on the priority areas for research that have been proposed please visit the Projects page